Will Meghan Markle Change Royal Childbirth Forever?

The royal countdown is on for Baby Sussex! Everyone is betting on exactly which day the baby will be born, and there are even fans who think that Meghan has already given birth.

Needless to say, the anticipation is building, and most people just can’t wait. It has been quite a year for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as they got married in an exquisite ceremony at Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor, and now they are about to become first-time parents.

In addition to all of the speculation regarding Baby Sussex, Meghan has recently announced her exclusive birth plan, which is nothing like the plans that Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, and other royals have followed. Will Meghan Markle change royal childbirth forever?

What is Meghan’s birth plan?

It turns out that Meghan is planning a very private birth for the arrival of her first child. She and Harry will not announce when she goes into labor, and they won’t even share the good news about the baby being born for a few days.

This will give the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as well as family members such as Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, time to enjoy the newborn for a while without the burden of photographers, interviews, and media scrutiny.

How does Meghan’s birth plan differ from other royal parents?

As we can all remember, royal family members such as Kate Middleton and Princess Diana had very high-profile experiences when they welcomed their children. With all three of her children, as soon as Kate went into labor and was taken to the hospital, the announcement was made that a new royal baby was arriving very soon.

Fans lined up in the streets, and the town crier announced the news as soon as possible. Hours later, Prince William and Kate emerged on the steps of the Lindo Wing at Saint Mary’s hospital, holding their babies and posing for pictures in front of the entire world.

Why is the Duchess of Sussex going a different way?

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Frogmore Cottage Update❗️ Meghan and Prince Harry are in limbo right now as the renovations on their new home, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, have yet to be completed. While the royals were meant to have moved in already, the delay will apparently take them even closer to Meghan's due date, which is believed to be at the end of April 2019. Tweeting an update about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's living arrangements, royal commentator Emily Andrews of The Sun explained, "Harry & Meghan were due to move in this week just gone, but their move has been delayed by three weeks or so. The renovation work has been huge to turn this mini-mansion back into a family home so it’s no real surprise that builders fell behind." Andrews also revealed that "Harry and Meghan kept changing their minds on design aspects, putting the builders back (like all home-owners ever, they want it to be perfect!)." Andrews added that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have even "moved out of their Great Tew farmhouse, with their belongings packed up waiting to go into their new home," meaning that the move into Frogmore can't come soon enough. It was previously reported that Meghan and Harry were having Frogmore Cottage renovated to their specifications ahead of the move, and Andrews confirms some of these details by mentioning "bespoke wardrobes and alcove shelving plus the all-important new kitchen."

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While we don’t know exactly why Meghan has chosen a birth plan that differs so much from other royal women, we can only imagine that she is staying true to what she believes in! It is said that Meghan may not be planning to give birth in a hospital, but rather at home in Windsor, breaking the tradition that family members have followed in recent years.

Meghan is known for doing things her own way, so it is really no surprise that she is not following in the footsteps of royal moms before her. Perhaps this is something she has always wanted, and she is adamant about making sure that it happens.

Will Meghan Markle change royal childbirth forever?

As royal family members welcome future generations, will royal childbirth be forever changed by Meghan? Probably not. There really is no concrete rule on a birth plan that the family must follow.

While Kate and Diana both famously chose the Lindo Wing for their deliveries, royal mothers can choose any hospital they wish. Or, they can choose to give birth at home as Queen Elizabeth did many years ago.

A birth plan is something that is very personal and is completely at the discretion of the mother-to-be. We can expect that in the future, each member of the royal family who is planning the arrival of a new baby will choose a plan that is right for her and her personal needs.

Fortunately for Meghan and the rest of the family, they have the freedom to stray from tradition should they choose to, making childbirth the wonderful and personal experience that every mother certainly deserves.