Will Meghan Markle Offend the Royal Family With Her Birth Plan?

If you are like every other royal fan, you are checking the news constantly throughout the day to see if there are any updates regarding the birth of baby Sussex.

For the last few months, we have been hearing all about the baby’s sustainable nursery, vegan paint colors, and we have been watching Meghan Markle adorably cradle her growing baby bump wherever she goes.

Recently, she let the world know what her birth plan would be, and as it turns out, it is very different from what we have seen in the past. Now, there is speculation as to whether the other members of the royal family approve.

Always one to go her own way and stand by her beliefs, we are not too surprised by what Meghan and Harry plan to do, yet many people are wondering if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will offend the royal family with their chosen birth plan?

What was Kate Middleton’s birth plan?

Each of the three times that Kate Middleton was expecting a baby, the announcement of her pregnancy came fairly early on. This is because Kate was forced to cancel royal duties due to a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, in which an expectant mother suffers from extreme nausea. We also knew as soon as Kate went into labor, when she was admitted to the hospital, and when the baby was born.

A few hours later, fans who had been lined up in the streets had the honor of seeing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerge with their new baby! Even the name was announced rather quickly, within days.

Is there a specific protocol that royals have to follow?

Not really. Basically, the only strict rule that must be adhered to is the fact that Queen Elizabeth II must be the first to be notified upon the baby’s birth. Other than that, nothing seems to be set in stone regarding royal births.

While it is a tradition that royal mothers give birth at the Lindo wing of Saint Mary’s hospital, then take pictures on the steps with their new baby, Meghan is allowed to go another way. Technically, she is not breaking any rules by having a different birth plan.

What is Meghan’s birth plan?

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, have decided to welcome their first child out of the public eye. There is even some speculation that the baby has been born already.

The couple does not plan to announce when Meghan goes into labor, and we still don’t know if she will be delivering at a hospital or at home. The Duke and Duchess are planning on waiting several days before they let the world know the happy news that Baby Sussex has arrived.

As far as how long they will wait until they announce the name of their new arrival is anyone’s guess at this point.

Will Meghan offend the royal family with her birth plan?

Chances are, she will not. Meghan is known as a rule-bender, not a full-on rule-breaker. Queen Elizabeth II gave birth at home many years ago, so chances are, she is not frowning upon Meghan and Harry’s decision to go their own way.

In addition, everyone in the royal family is well aware of the fact that Meghan has strong beliefs and doesn’t stray from them. They understand that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are embarking on one of the happiest and most special journeys of their entire lives, and they want to do it their own way.

By choosing a birth plan that is more private, Meghan and Harry are doing what is right for them, and the royal family is not taking offense.