Will Meghan Markle Return for ‘Suits’ Finale?

Now better known as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle wasn’t always so royal.

No, just a few years ago we were intorduced to Meghan as Rachel Zane on Suits. That’s where Markle first wormed her way into the hearts of audiences everywhere.

During the first few seasons of the show, it seemed like Markle was a star that was destined to rise. She had talent, she was beautiful, and, above all, she was likeable. Fans were excited to see where her acting career would go.

That is, until a little thing called love stepped in.

Shortly after Markle met and became engaged to Prince Harry, Suits announced that she would be leaving the show after 7 seasons.

“From all of us at USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, we want to send our most heartfelt congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their engagement,”the network said in a statement on their website.

“Meghan has been a member of our family for seven years and it has been a joy to work with her. We want to thank her for her undeniable passion and dedication to Suits, and we wish her the very best.”

Will Markle Return?

Now that the show is about to begin it’s final season, fans are wondering if the Duchess will make a surprise return for at least an episode or two.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh, effectively crushed those dreams on Tuesday.

“We’re not currently pursuing asking Meghan Markle to leave her position with the royal family and join us,” Korsh said at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I would love it but I think it’s pretty close to zero.”

Though Markle, who is currently expecting her first child with Prince Harry, will probably not return to the show, audiences may see another fan favorite make a comeback.

Markle’s love interest on the show, Patrick J. Adams, also made his exit at the end of season 7. There have been talks that he may take on his role as Mike Ross once again in the series finale.

“I have discussed with Patrick when he left the possibility of coming back, and we both decided if the time was right and he was up for it and he had the time, that we would do it,” Korsh said.

The problem with bringing old characters back, though, is that the writers will have to figure out where to put them in the show without ruining the storyline. For now, Korsch isn’t even exactly sure where he wants all of the remaining characters to end up.

“We’re starting to discuss all the things,” Korsch said. “All of them left at various stages at the end of [the season eight finale] and you start from there, you start where you want them to go, you figure out how much time you have and along the way, things can change,” he said. “The finale that’s coming up, we ended in a radically different way than I would’ve thought we were going to end it two days before we started shooting it. I can’t know until after we’ve shot it, exactly what’s going to happen with everyone but we’re in the beginning process of figuring it out.”

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