Will Meghan Markle Take a Long Maternity Leave? Her First Post-Baby Appearance Revealed

Meghan Markle hasn’t yet had Baby Sussex, but many royal fans are already wondering how long her maternity leave will be. With her due date sometime this spring, royal baby watchers are looking for the arrival of Prince Harry and Markle’s first child any day now.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Commonwealth Day 2019.
Meghan Marle and Prince Harry | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

When is Meghan Markle’s due date?

The specifics of Markle’s due date are unclear, as the official announcement about her pregnancy revealed Baby Sussex’s arrival simply in the Spring. That vague due date spans April through the beginning of June, so pinpointing the baby’s arrival has been challenging.

Those who have been watching closely, however, have taken note of some of the clues that could better estimate the Duchess of Sussex’s due date. During a visit to Birkenhead, for example, when asked when she was having the baby, she noted, “end of April, early May.”

Markle will be taking time off for maternity leave

Once the baby arrives, Markle will of course be taking time off from royal engagements to enjoy their new addition. The duration of her maternity leave has also had many people guessing and looking to Kate Middleton’s leave with each of her children as a guide.

For Middleton, the time off varied: less than six weeks following Prince George’s birth, four months for Princess Charlotte, and six months for Prince Louis, with some public outings, including Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding.

Markle’s first post-baby appearance has been revealed

It looks like Markle may already have an engagement on her calendar, leading many to believe that appearance will signal the end of her maternity leave.

A palace insider told Vanity Fair that Markle is looking at her fall calendar, as she plans to attend the annual summit for One Young World, “a global forum supporting 10,000 young leaders from around the world,” in London in October.

The source noted: “Harry is keen to support Meghan in developing her own role and the opportunity to partner with a cause so close to her heart is an ideal stepping stone. All being well with the baby, the timing is perfect for her to expand her Commonwealth work through this new One Young World partnership with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.”

Why this is an important event for Markle

Markle has worked with the One Young World organization since 2014, as a counselor before she married Prince Harry, and she also addressed delegates at the 2014 and 2016 summit events.

The charity noted the partnership in a statement: “One Young World, the global forum for young leaders, is delighted to be partnering with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust to bring young leaders from across the Commonwealth to London for our tenth Summit. Bringing the young leaders of the Commonwealth together at One Young World will give them the opportunity to accelerate change in their communities.”

In 2014, Markle wrote in an article published in the Irish Independent: “When I was asked to join the panel of One Young World 2014 in Dublin, I was over the moon. My day job is working on a TV series called Suits, playing a strong and layered female character, whose self-identification is not wrapped up solely being in the kitchen, nor simply being the girlfriend...”

She added at the time: “The opportunity to head off to One Young World to be part of a discourse for young women to feel empowered to know that their worth, their reach and their level of opportunity is what they make for themselves is invaluable. And perhaps the more vital piece of this puzzle is the knowledge that the young men at One Young World see this too. They see a world where their wives are not the women behind every great man, but rather beside them…”