Will Meghan Markle’s New Hire Stop Her Family Drama?

The PR industry is still very much in demand, even in an era where celebrities sometimes become their own (mistaken) public relations person on social media. Since the royals aren’t allowed to post there, PR is absolutely made for them. It’s no surprise then Harry and Meghan just hired an expert PR rep as a form of crisis manager to handle Meghan’s family drama.

With Baby Sussex arriving soon, you have to think Harry and Meghan are preparing for another crazy onslaught. Even so, only a very skilled PR professional would take on something this complex.

Take a look at who they hired and see what her qualifications are as a harbinger of what’s to come.

The PR rep they hired worked for the Clintons

If the name Sara Latham sounds familiar, then you might have heard it spoken three years ago when Hillary Clinton was running again for President. Latham was a campaign advisor to Hillary during the 2016 campaign, and the former also worked for President Bill Clinton during the late 1990s.

Bring British, though, she’s likely better known across the pond in the U.K. Those political connections were probably noticed first by Harry and Meghan. However, they undoubtedly had to consult to find out who they could hire to best represent their interests and perhaps help broker family peace with Thomas and Samantha Markle.

Some might look at this askance considering Latham was hired to clean up a few scandals for the Clintons. She did so with aplomb, though, and having a political-oriented PR person is arguably a good idea for Harry and Meghan due to one good reason.

Being a royal really is political

Considering Meghan and Harry are both going to work on politically-oriented causes, you can see why they’d want Latham. British and Australian media have even accused Meghan of being very left-wing in her agenda, despite most of those beliefs focusing on feminism.

Of course, Meghan’s family drama is just as political. All of the brouhaha over her stepsister Samantha and father Thomas Markle Sr. still has people divided over whether the Duchess of Sussex is a homewrecker.

Then you have the upcoming problem of Samantha Markle writing a “tell-all” book about Meghan. Once the royal baby is born, you can see the royal dung hitting the fan.

So what could Latham do to convince the public Meghan’s family are in the wrong, or even in becoming a peace broker?

Will Latham be able to convey who Meghan really is?

Yes, you can almost use the Game of Thrones marketing banner of “Winter is Coming” when it comes to Samantha Markle’s tell-all book. Reportedly, she’ll be releasing two books, including timing the first release right after Baby Sussex enters the world. This doesn’t include making reams of cash doing interviews.

Latham is going to have her job cut out for her to properly convey to the public who Meghan really is as a person. Hopefully she and Meghan will get to know one another well so Latham can convincingly show everyone Samantha’s book is pure garbage, or merely exaggerated.

Arguably the best strategy is to make Meghan look human and not like a saint. Most people realize there could be small kernels of truth to what her family has said, yet not to the extremes they say.

In other words, it could become similar to Princess Diana who had natural faults, outside of a few who tried to make her look saintly.

Latham as an olive branch for family peace

We’ll have to see if Sara Latham can become a peace broker for Meghan with her family. Those who work in PR aren’t always known for working this way. Regardless, it’s important for Meghan to have someone who can communicate directly with her family rather than just distant courtiers.

Perhaps Latham will work like a lawyer or mediator who can talk to her dad, stepsister, and stepbrother to convince them to stop their madness.

During Latham’s extensive time working in politics, she worked basically as a fixer for Democrats to prevent all hell from breaking loose. We all root for her bringing a little bit more heaven for Meghan to reduce any lingering pressures.