Will Meghan Markle’s New Instagram Account Help Fix Her Image?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently opened their joint venture Instagram account as an official forum to share issues important to them. What we don’t know yet is how they’ll use this account, especially Meghan who has social media experience. While we know she had to shut down her prior, personal and professional Instagram accounts, who’s to say she won’t find roundabout ways to use this account to get messages out?

After all, using Instagram to help communicate with the public at large is a smart venture for most people in business or entertainment. For a royal, it’s not always allowed, but it appears that is not going to stop Meghan and Harry from trying.

Let’s look at what Meghan’s new Instagram might do to help her, sometimes perplexingly, controversial image.

Meghan Markle may realize she’s not as popular as she thinks

Here’s something possibly surprising to you: Meghan isn’t the most favorite royal, according to a recent poll. The YouGov site recently conducted a royal popularity poll and it uncovered that Harry is at #1, followed by Queen Elizabeth at #2 and Prince William at #3. Meghan didn’t make the top 5, as Kate Middleton took fourth place and Prince Philip was #5.

Meghan came in #6. If you’re shocked by this, she probably is as well if she spends any time Googling herself.

Will Meghan Markle’s new Instagram be a PR machine?

Harry and Meghan should be thrilled by the fact that they broke a world record for gaining one million Instagram followers in just six hours. This is an encouraging sign for Meghan, though she likely realizes Harry’s popularity is partially the reason.

Here in America, it’s still hard to believe Meghan isn’t equally as popular as her husband considering how much we write about her. Then again, many of us wish we could write something positive rather than trying to analyze personal problems from her family or herself.

We’ve already wondered if Meghan might use the new Instagram account as a form of PR. Maybe she’ll even break protocol and use it to straighten things out about her family. How she might go about this will be interesting to see.

Will Meghan Markle post on her Instagram herself?

A lot of online evidence still exists showing how effective of a writer Meghan was on her prior social media accounts. There isn’t any question she could post on Instagram and be compelling, especially when addressing issues she finds the most essential.

Of course, we’ll likely see her post about causes for women’s issues and, hopefully, plenty of Baby Sussex once born. Would she use the platform to speak up; however, if her troubled family starts causing a public uproar again after the royal baby enters the world?

Let’s hope she will without having to use assistants or courtiers to send messages. Meghan will immediately change the direction of how royals use social media the minute she posts a heartfelt message from her own keyboard about her family or any unfounded accusations

What kind of reaction it would bring is a whole separate thing.

Meghan Markle is going to set a social media precedent

It’s really not out of the realm of possibility we’ll see Meghan using Instagram in a more personal way. This probably won’t mean using as she did before where she sometimes wrote near poetic diaries about her impressions on life.

Then again, who knows what Meghan has up her sleeve. She’s already setting new royal precedents in what they’re allowed to do. Being able to get a message out to the world before a royal official tries to delete it will finally make the royals human as they should be.

With the queen being more lenient lately on this evolution, she might just let Meghan set the record straight on Instagram without a wrist slap.