Will Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Be More Famous After Prison?

The stars of Jersey Shore first became popular in 2009, with the release of the MTV reality show. Over the years, especially since the debut of the spinoff series Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, fans have become even more invested in the lives and fortunes of these tan, toned, party animals. One of the more notorious stars is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who is currently serving time in prison for tax evasion.

How did Mike Sorrentino become famous?

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When the original show premiered in 2009, viewers met a bevy of Jersey friends who loved to hit the gym, the tanning beds, and the bars. Sorrentino became a well-known personality right away and, in addition to his appearance on the show, regularly visited late-night talk shows and variety specials. In 2011, Sorrentino even competed on Dancing With the Stars. Sorrentino also scored a wide variety of endorsement deals, everything from clothing to specialty vitamins.

Although Sorrentino has enjoyed great success in his career, he has experienced more than his share of personal and legal issues. In 2012, he went to rehab after publicly admitting that he had a prescription drug problem. Beginning in 2014, Sorrentino’s real troubles with the law began, when he was charged tax fraud. The court documents revealed that Sorrentino, along with his brother Marc Sorrentino, had deliberately avoided paying taxes on income of $8.9 million. The legal proceedings took over four years when a decision was finally reached in late 2018.

When did Mike Sorrentino go to prison?

In early January, Sorrentino reported to the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution. He is serving an eight-month sentence in the medium-security prison and is set to be released in September 2019. In addition to his jail time, he has to pay a substantial fine and perform 500 hours of community service. His brother is serving a two-year sentence at a different institution several hours away from Mike Sorrentino.

Being incarcerated is hardly an ideal situation for anyone, but it seems as though Sorrentino is doing his best to improve his circumstances. A recent interview given by Nicole Polizzi, better known as “Snooki,” shed some light on how Sorrentino is spending his time in prison, and what he plans to do once he ultimately gets out in September.

What will Mike Sorrentino do after he gets out of prison?

Polizzi revealed that far from being forlorn and lonely in prison, Sorrentino has actually received a lot of love and support and still speaks to his friends on a weekly basis. Joking that it’s almost like a “senior home” for Sorrentino, Polizzi said that he is working out a lot, and spends a lot of time with his fellow inmates, helping them to better deal with their own sentences.

In addition to regular exercise and downtime with other inmates, Sorrentino might also be flexing his creative muscles by working on a big writing project. According to some reports, Sorrentino is working on a tell-all book, which could reveal intimate details of his personal life that have never before been discussed. While this hasn’t yet been confirmed by Sorrentino, it seems completely plausible — plus, a new book could help Sorrentino recoup some of the fees he still owes for tax evasion.

Between a new book and a new lease on life, Sorrentino could become more popular than ever with fans once he is released in September. It is also likely that he could return in some capacity to the group’s TV show, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. While only time will tell how Sorrentino parlays his time in prison into a positive career move, one thing’s for sure – America loves a comeback story!