Will ‘NCIS’ Fans Give Up on Season 17 If Ziva Returns as a Ghost?

In 2013, NCIS fans were devastated to learn that Cote de Pablo’s character, Ziva, would not be returning to the show ever again. The character had been killed tragically in a house explosion. Their hopes got lifted a little a few seasons later, when a note from Ziva had surfaced, confirming that she was, in fact, still alive.

However, nothing could have prepared us for the shock that we felt when we heard Ziva’s voice as she said hello to Gibbs in the season 16 finale. The episode ended kind of abruptly without giving us all of the answers that we were asking ourselves. Many fans are now wondering if Ziva will be back for good or if the show will somehow play her return off as just a figment of Gibbs’s imagination.

Here is what we know about Ziva’s future on the NCIS and if fans will decide to completely give up on this show if Ziva returns as a Ghost.

Cote de Pablo’s departure from ‘NCIS’

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly
Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Although Ziva was a fan-favorite amongst the NCIS viewers, de Pablo did not feel as if the storyline was benefiting her character. She felt that if she continued on with the show, that she would be sending the wrong message to the young girls and women who watch the show.

After she decided to leave the show at the end of season 11, she gave an interview that had illustrated how and why she had come to the decision to leave the show. She said: “They were going to send [Ziva] back to Israel, and make her a sad, miserable woman. I said, ‘What do I leave all the women that are watching and following the show? ‘And I didn’t think it was fair. I love this character. I worked eight years in crafting this character, and loving her so when I felt or I received the character was not being treated with the respect that she deserved, all the money in the world wouldn’t buy [me].”

Why did Cote de Pablo choose to return to ‘NCIS’ now?

De Pablo’s return was super secretive. In fact, most of the cast members were just as surprised as we were to see her return to the NCIS set. It has been reported that only Mark Harmon had known that de Pablo was coming back and he was sworn to secrecy until the big reveal happened on the season 16 finale.

Because the NCIS crew is apparently so good at keeping secrets, it is no surprise that they aren’t telling us much about how Ziva’s character will fit into season 17. One thing that we do know, is that if de Pablo decided to come back, then it must be because the writers have thought of a really good story for that character.

Will ‘NCIS’ fans give up on season 17 if Ziva returns as a ghost?

Fans have had to wait a long time to learn the true story about what happened to Ziva. Sure, the writers of the show would give the audience a few clues here and there throughout the season, but we never really felt like we had any closure. With the return of Ziva, we now finally have the chance to get answers on what has been going on while her character was away. If it came to be that her return was merely a figment of Gibbs’s imagination, we think that may be the final straw for fans who have already shown a tremendous amount of patience.

So far, it has not been confirmed how long Ziva’s character will be around for season 17. It has been rumored that, for now, she is only going to be making a guest appearance on the first episode of season 17. But no matter how long her return will last, as long as she comes back as a real-life person, we think fans will be pleased.