Will Netflix Cancel ‘The Punisher’ or Will There Be a Season 3?

One of the most popular Netflix series of the past several years is The Punisher, based on a classic Marvel comic. Everyone loves a good anti-hero, and lead character Frank Castle, played by Jon Bernthal, has become a fan favorite. It premiered on Netflix in November 2017 and immediately was met with rave reviews from both critics and audiences. The second season dropped in January 2019, to roars of excitement across social media. Fans are already questioning whether or not the hit show will return for a third season – here’s what we know so far.

What is ‘The Punisher’ about?

The Punisher is set in the Marvel cinematic universe. The character of Frank Castle isn’t a stranger to film and TV screens, as he has been portrayed in previous incarnations by actors like Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson. When Jon Bernthal was first announced as the lead character, reprising his role from the Daredevil series, reactions were positive. Bernthal, an established character actor who made his mark in TV shows like The Walking Dead, featured the perfect blend of physicality and emotion to play the conflicted character.

The plot of The Punisher contains many twists, turns, and psychotic villains, but the story originates with Frank Castle, a war veteran, seeking to exact revenge on the mysterious men who killed his family. As he unravels the secrets of his family’s demise, Castle discovers that there is much more at work than what he initially thought.

Will there be a third season of ‘The Punisher’?

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Even after the second season hit Netflix in January 2019, the fans that had been waiting two years for the latest updates in the saga of Frank Castle weren’t satisfied for long. The buzz for the third season has already begun, but nothing has yet been confirmed or denied by Netflix, or by any of the associated producers.

In a recent interview, Jon Bernthal was asked how he feels about playing the iconic character, and about the possibility of the show being canceled. Bernthal admitted that he didn’t know what would end up happening with the show, but that he feels at peace with whatever the outcome may be. According to Bernthal, he only tries to worry about the things he can control, and he claims that he can only do the best that he can with the character in the time that he’s given to occupy the role.

Netflix is staying mum

Deborah Ann Wolf and Jon Bernthal sitting on a bench in The Punisher

Deborah Ann Wolf and Jon Bernthal in The Punisher | Netflix

Right now, Netflix is the hottest streaming service around, with the widest variety of original and classic content around. Whether it’s animated family films or red-hot shows like The Punisher, everyone seems to be turning to Netflix for their daily entertainment. However, on the subject of The Punisher’s possible third season, the platform has stayed quiet. Some online forums are speculating that the relationship between Netflix and Marvel studios might be in disrepair, especially after the cancellation of such comic-book shows as Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil.

It is possible that Netflix is waiting for the second season of The Punisher to be available on the platform for a little while longer before announcing a cancellation since it is a brand-new release. It is equally possible that they have heard the fan clamor for a third season, and are hard at work securing contracts from all the actors prior to breaking the news about even more episodes. If there is to be a third season, it likely won’t be available until 2021, following the pattern of the first two seasons. Until more is known, one way or another, all that fans of The Punisher can do is watch and wait.