Will New Episodes of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Appear On Amazon in 2019?

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel first appeared on Amazon’s streaming service in 2017. Since then, the comedic television series, set in the late 1950s, has continued to grow in viewership. The idea is a funny one: a perfect 1950s New York housewife, Midge, discovers she has a hidden talent for stand-up comedy. With two seasons already under its belt, fans are anxiously awaiting the debut of season three. The second season of the acclaimed show debuted in December 2018, which suggests it could be a while before fans are graced with new content.

So when will new episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel appear on Amazon? Here’s what we know.

When will there be new episodes of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ on Amazon?

Although there are no confirmations on when the third season will air, there are some pretty good clues. We know that it will premiere this year, because the release date is listed as simple “2019.” There was also a confirmation that filming officially began on April 3rd, because a section of roads in the Upper West Side were blockaded for use. 

Then, if you take a look at the release dates for the existing seasons you get an idea that the third will likely debut sometime during the first half of winter in 2019. The first season released in full on November 29, 2017, while the full second season premiered December 5, 2018. While the dates are slightly different, it does seem to be a trend to release in early winter.

Sterling K. Brown may appear in season three

Rachel Brosnahan, who plays the lead character Midge, lobbied hard for Sterling K. Brown to appear on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. During the 2019 SAG Awards, she interrupted Brown’s interview with ET to reiterate how much she’d love for him to appear on the show. At the time, he seemed to be up for an appearance. 

Although there is no official confirmation, there has been word that the show’s creators are “trying to find stuff that works with his schedule.” As for what role he’ll portray, that is still up for discussion. Brosnahan stated that the show’s “writers are God here, and they would come up with something brilliant, I’m sure.”

Midge’s comedy tour might head to Miami

Tony Shalhoub, who plays Midge’s father, told ET online: “I think I’ve heard that we’re going to Miami in June. That’s all I know. I don’t know what that entails. It’s about Midge’s tour, but that’s all I got.” A trip to the Sunshine State’s hottest beach community would be vastly different from the traditional setting offered, so fans can see their favorite characters react accordingly.

A new tiny cast member

Astrid, Midge’s sister-in-law, announced her pregnancy in the second season, so it’s not far-fetched to believe there will be the birth of a new tiny cast member in the third season. Shalhoub commented on this also, stating that it “will be an interesting thing because of her… wackiness.”

Zachary Levi will probably return

Zachary Levi plays Midge’s onscreen romance, Doctor Benjamin Ettenberg, in season two. He even proposed to her — fans don’t know if Midge will go through with it or not. If the two tie the knot, Levi could have a pretty big role in the third season.

What does Levi have to say about (hopefully) making a comeback for season three? “I had such a time working with that cast and crew,” he said. “If I can make it happen, for sure.” While there aren’t any definitive confirmations he’ll return, viewers everywhere are expecting him to in one way or another.