Will ‘November Man’ Be the Next Must-Watch Action Franchise?

The new action thriller The November Man hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but it seems Relativity Media is extremely confident in the project, as a sequel for the upcoming movie has already been greenlit.

The film’s star Pierce Brosnan first hinted at the news while making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, saying that, “The November Man is an iconic, tough character and I am excited to partner with Relativity to continue to bring him to life.”

The studio then released an official announcement, seemingly confirming the sequel. “The November Man is a gritty series that re-invents the spy genre with its master Pierce Brosnan by combining the best elements of James Bond and Jason Bourne while echoing the cool, sleek action movies of the ’70s,” Relativity’s President of Production Robbie Brenner said. “We are excited to launch The November Man later this month and to continue to explore Peter Devereaux’s dangerous world with Pierce over the years to come.”

The November Man stars Brosnan as Peter Deveraux, a lethal and highly skilled ex-CIA agent who’s lured out of retirement for one final mission. During his assignment, he must protect important witness, Alice Fournier (played by Olga Kurylenko). But the task makes him the target of another CIA agent, Devereaux’s own former friend and protégé, David Mason (Luke Bracey). Soon, Deveraux is left fighting for his life with no one to trust. Other cast members in the film include Eliza Taylor (The 100), Caterina Scorsone (Private Practice), Bill Smitrovich (Iron Man), and Will Patton (Falling Skies).

The movie, set to hit theaters on August 27, is based on the book series by author Bill Granger. The series consists of 13 novels, which means that this could potentially be a very long-running franchise should it perform as well as the studio expects. Though no plotline for the sequel has been revealed quite yet, the studio did reveal that the follow-up will be entering pre-production in the near future, likely depending on the first installment’s performance at the box office.

While it bodes well for Brosnan that Relativity seems eager to bring the story back to the big screen, it also means there’s now even more pressure for The November Man to become an adequate hit. The preemptive move of greenlighting a sequel has had mixed results, with some projects garnering huge success (Guardians of the Galaxy) and others, not so much (Mortal Instruments).

Aside from the studio’s obvious confidence in the project, this particular film does seem to have other notable factors that could help make it a success. Director Roger Donaldson has plenty of experience developing action pictures, with flicks like 1984’s The Bounty, 1997’s Dante’s Peak (also starring Brosnan), 2003’s The Recruit, and 2008’s The Bank Job under his belt.

Perhaps even more notably, the movie marks Brosnan’s official return to the world of action film franchises. The 61-year-old actor famously played secret agent James Bond in four movies between 1995 and 2002. But The November Man isn’t the only noteworthy movie Brosnan is working on. He also recently admitted that he’s in talks to join Expendables 4. Depending on how these projects perform with general audiences, it seems Brosnan could be close to regaining his action hero status.

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