Will Octomom Nadya Suleman Let Her Children Meet Their Father?

Octomom Nadya Suleman was thrust into the spotlight after the birth of her octuplets back in 2009. Since her rise to fame, many questions have been raised about the children. Among the mystery surrounding this family is the identity of the Suleman octuplets’ father.

Another question some have is whether Suleman would ever allow her children to meet their father. One of the tricky parts of using alternative means to get pregnant, such as in vitro fertilization, is whether to allow the children to meet the donor parent. Will the octuplets ever meet their dad? Here’s what Suleman had to say.

Life before becoming Octomom

Nadya Suleman poses for photographers in front of her home in La Habra, California on May 19, 2010.

Nadya Suleman | Gabriel Bouys /AFP/Getty Images

Suleman, who has a bachelor’s degree in child and adolescent development, worked for a state mental hospital before becoming a hot news topic, reports USA Today. According to Suleman, she injured her back during an inmate riot. As a result of her injury, she received roughly $165,000 in disability payments. Some of the money was used to finance the in-vitro fertilization treatments that helped her get pregnant with her first six children. Suleman’s goal was to earn a master’s in counseling but had to put those plans on hold after becoming pregnant with her octuplets.

Nadya says she didn’t like the attention she received

Nadya Suleman holding a milkshake, surrounded by her 14 children

Nadya Suleman | Toby Canham/Getty Images

Although Suleman seemed to constantly appear on television or in magazines during the time her story broke, she told The New York Times she didn’t welcome the spotlight. Rather, she made herself available to the media because she needed to survive. She says she fell on hard times and needed to make enough money to take care of her family of 14. “I was pretending to be a fake, a caricature, which is something I’m not, and I was doing it out of desperation and scarcity, so I could provide for my family. I’ve been hiding from the real world all my life… I never wanted the attention. There were helicopters flying over the hospital while I was giving birth,” she said during her New York Times interview.

This is what Nadya Suleman said about the octuplets meeting their father

So, will the children ever get to meet their father? That seems to be a question Suleman doesn’t have an answer to right now. She told The New York Times she’s still deciding what to do. “Maybe the kids will meet him at 18, the donor,” Suleman said. “I don’t know.”

What’s next for Nadya Suleman

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman with her kids

“Octomom” Nadya Suleman with her kids | Natalie Suleman via Instagram

Suleman told The New York Times she is working full-time as a counselor. She also said she’s focusing on her family and receives money from government assistance and “international photo shoots.” The mom of 14 says she’s been busy working on a book for more than a decade. Her hope is that she will be able to explain her story. “I’m at work on a book. That’s why I want to do this interview,” she told the Times. “I’ve been writing this manuscript since graduate school.” We’re sure the book will be an interesting read.

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