Will Oprah Ever Host Another Talk Show?

With reboots being ubiquitous in the world of dramas and sitcoms, only Oprah Winfrey could reinvent the term to bring back her own talk show. A lot of people wonder if that’s possible, especially when the world really needs her positive themes more than ever.

Maybe others wouldn’t think the positive-minded approach she championed on her old show would fit into a more cynical reality TV landscape. After all, the most popular daytime shows right now are The View (political arguing aplenty), Dr. Phil (dark psychological madness), and more lightweight entertainment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While those shows are still good, Oprah’s show was markedly different from everything else. Would Oprah come back? If so, it may require a different type of schedule.

The most recent sign she might return

Oprah | Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images

HuffPost recently reported on a ET interview with Oprah and how latter admitted she wouldn’t mind bringing her show back. The only roadblock is the time element since doing a daytime talk show requires taping five shows a week a good portion of the year. 

Oprah says she wouldn’t have minded having her show back on the air during the 2016 presidential election or during other pivotal world events. In that regard, she might have killed the idea of rebooting her show before it can begin. She made it known she’d only want to do it intermittently.

Then again, why should daytime TV stay so stuck in its scheduling ways? When Oprah is involved, new rules could be written if someone wanted to create a new type of show for her.

Now that the word is out Oprah would be interested, could a new type of daytime show be good for her, or would it be better on cable?

Oprah still has The Oprah Winfrey Network

OWN TV has been very successful since Oprah left her daytime show, albeit only after she put in extra time to save her cable network from going under. Even her O, The Oprah Magazine had troubles as well until she stepped in and made sure the content was top-tier.

When we hear Oprah still wishes she had a daily show, let’s remember OWN is still the home for everything related to Oprah Winfrey. On occasion, she does specials there where she interviews important figures.

Should she ever want to start a new show, OWN would give her an automatic green light. The trouble is, not every cable system carries OWN. Daytime syndication gave Oprah a wider view on everyone’s TV for 25 years, especially at the coveted 4 p.m. hour in most local markets.

Syndication hasn’t been doing as well lately either without salacious shows being the main money makers.

Would syndication reshape the TV universe for Oprah?

With Oprah recently saying she sometimes feels “lost in the world,” it gives some hints she wants to be connected more to her fans and world issues. Her restarting a daytime show would obviously be warmly welcomed, but if it’s in syndication, it might have to be on an erratic schedule.

Maybe Oprah can get involved in the production and distribution, essentially using OWN as a way to bounce her show onto local stations. Doing the show periodically through the year (or specials related to news events) would work better on her own time.

Such a thing would be risky in profitability, based squarely on how syndication still works. There’s still an appetite for Oprah’s brand of talk show, however, giving it a hopeful chance.

If nothing else, doing specials more often on OWN would give her a more recurring voice. Another periodic Oprah talk show could probably help us find reality again after it went AWOL a few years after her daily show departed.