Will Original Avengers Make Surprise Cameos In Upcoming Films?

The meaning of death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a philosophy we wish existed in real life where the chance for some kind of resurrection is almost always possible. What form that takes sometimes involves full-blooded life again to possible forms of artificial intelligence.

We haven’t seen much of the latter yet (other than Jarvis the butler), despite rumors of Tony Stark possibly returning to life in some sort of artificial guise later.

Of course, MCU can also go the old-fashioned route and resort to flashbacks to bring back some of the departed superheroes who died in Avengers: Endgame.

What every MCU fan wants to know is whether their favorite superhero who “died”/lived will at least return in cameos, either in Phase Four or beyond.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

We know who’s going to cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home’

If you’re looking forward to having some form of familiarity in Far From Home this July, you can look to Nick Fury having a prominent role as Peter Parker’s new, reluctant mentor.

Of course, Parker/Spider-Man is an Avenger himself and will lead the way into this new somewhat Millennial phase that will leapfrog into Phase Four.

Afterward, we’re going to see a sea of rumors for a while about who might return. What we do know so far is Black Widow is getting her own solo movie, likely next year to kick off the new phase.

In our minds, this might ignite the new wave on a positive and inclusive note, though may also tell us other Avengers will return in either future solo efforts or in short scenes.

The possibilities of the main Avengers coming back are still too early to guess. All we can go on is the sure bet of an iconic character not staying retired forever.

Out of the iconic Avengers, we might only see a few films as standalone efforts

Black Panther is now one of the biggest Avengers icons, and he did survive (or came back to life) in Endgame. A Black Panther 2 is expected in Phase Four, yet it’s realistic to think we’ll be seeing him a lot more in either cameos or even more solo movies.

You can say the same about Ant-Man and the Wasp. All expectation says Ant-Man will have his own solo sequel at some point during the next couple of years. We’re happy to see this since it brings the tongue-in-cheek side of the MCU back like what Deadpool helped nurture independently.

Part of this more cheeky side will also manifest in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, already on the slate for the near release horizon. Whether it takes place after Endgame or at another time is unknown considering the time narrative in the MCU is now a bit jumbled, including time-travel in the mix.

Thanks to the latter opening up alternative universes, it’s worth exploring the possibility of the dead Avengers returning in creative ways.

We could see all the original Avengers in cameos down the line


With all the money the MCU has generated for the individual actors involved, don’t think the stars we’ve seen for the last 11 years won’t revisit their roles eventually. These might be brief cameos rather than full-fledged roles again. Even so, who’s to say what the MCU will give us after Phase Four ends (or during)?

To bring things full circle, we might see older versions of the original Avengers someday to give them another fulfilling finale. Just cleverly placing them in cameos throughout the more Millennial MCU films would also be fun and give emotional connections to Phases 1-3.

Everyone will want to see Tony Stark again, no matter if he’s in artificial intelligence form. Let’s assume the same popularity streak adheres to Thor, Hulk, and Captain America/Steve Rogers.

Older version of latter might have to encounter his younger self eventually to let us know Cap’s story could still be interesting if Chris Evans ever wanted to revisit the role.