Will People Like Meghan Markle More Once They See Her Parenting?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting ready to welcome their first child together. However, the public as a whole hasn’t been head over heels for Meghan ever since she and Harry wed. At the same time, the public swoons over Kate Middleton — and part of that is because of the adorable moments Kate has with her children. It seems old fashioned to think that Meghan as a mother could change the public’s opinion, but it may give people a chance to see that Meghan and Harry truly work well together and that Meghan is full of love and compassion. So will the public like Meghan more once they see her parenting?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first child in April. | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry will welcome their baby in April

Although the royal couple hasn’t revealed their exact due date, Meghan did let it slip that she and Harry are expecting in late April. The couple has moved fairly quickly ever since they began dating; they only dated for about a year and a half before Harry proposed. They planned a wedding in six months, and before we knew it, they were married and expecting their first child. Ever since the couple announced the pregnancy, they’ve kept most details under wraps, including the baby’s name and gender. People have been extremely speculative of the baby’s details, but hardly anything is known for sure.

People seem to love the relationship Kate Middleton has with her children

Kate Middleton with Prince George and Princess Charlotte
The public adores Kate Middleton’s relationship with her children. | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

One common agreement among the public is that Kate was built for royalty. She’s poised, polished, and professional. But people also love the relationship she has with her children. Kate once referred to Charlotte lovingly as “Poppet,” and the public went wild about how adorable it was. Kate’s parenting has shown off her soft, compassionate side to the public, and people seem to soak it in. She has said in the past that she hunts spiders with George, and she spends plenty of time outside with the kids. All of these things show Kate in a different light than when she’s at public engagements, and it makes people think she is a Superwoman who can handle anything.

Once the public sees Meghan and Harry’s teamwork as parents, plus Meghan’s compassion for her child, niece, and nephews, it’s possible she will grow on people a bit more

People are unsure about how their feelings toward Meghan. Some are worried she and Harry married for the wrong reasons. Others feel that Meghan seems “fake” and doesn’t actually love Harry. Plus, there has been a high turnover rate among the couple’s royal staff, and it’s made people wonder how nice Meghan actually is. However, when Meghan becomes a parent, the public will get to see the same side of her that they have seen with Kate: Meghan’s love for her children.

The way people behave around kids can be very telling of who they truly are. And when Meghan and Harry welcome their baby, they’ll be spending a lot of time with both their little one and their nieces and nephews. People will see the way they bond as a couple when it comes to parenting. The public already loves Harry, but the negative opinions about Meghan may switch if their new baby brings out the best in them.

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