Will Prince Charles Have to Intervene With Harry and Meghan’s Push for Independence?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have heard about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s quest for independence.

They recently split their household from William and Kate and expressed their desire to be completely independent of Buckingham Palace. They are focused on creating a name for themselves, away from the jurisdiction of the other royals.

While the queen frowned upon the split of the royal household, she ultimately gave her permission for the separation. Kate and William retain their office at Kensington Palace, while Harry and Meghan have their office at Buckingham.

However, when they took it a step further, Queen Elizabeth was not on board. Why are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so focused on independence, and will Prince Charles have to intervene?

The reason for the split

The splitting of the royal household came at a time when rumors of a feud between Meghan and Kate were swirling all over social media and the internet. Those rumors were finally put to rest, and then fans began speculating that there was tension between Princes William and Harry.

Now that we know that all seems to be just fine between the brothers and their wives, we can say that the reason that Harry and Meghan want to be independent is that they’d like to focus on their own royal duties, engagements, charity work, and the like.

Is Meghan the one initiating independence?

Meghan famously has an extremely strong work ethic. She is an activist and a feminist, and she definitely likes to do things her own way! Many royal fans feel that the journey toward independence may have been Meghan’s idea in the first place and that it is creating tension among the members of the royal family.

Whether or not it was Meghan’s idea at first is insignificant, as Harry is on board with the idea, and is pushing for independence as well!

Queen Elizabeth is firmly against it

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Today, The Queen has released a message ahead of Commonwealth Day on Monday. "Commonwealth Day has a special significance this year as we mark the 70th anniversary of the London Declaration, when nations of the Commonwealth agreed to move forward together as free and equal members. The vision and sense of connection that inspired the signatories has stood the test of time, and the Commonwealth continues to grow, adapting to address contemporary needs. "Today, many millions of people around the world are drawn together because of the collective values shared by the Commonwealth. In April last year, I welcomed the leaders of our 53 nations to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, and we all witnessed how the Commonwealth vision offers hope, and inspires us to find ways of protecting our planet, and our people. "We are able to look to the future with greater confidence and optimism as a result of the links that we share, and thanks to the networks of cooperation and mutual support to which we contribute, and on which we draw. With enduring commitment through times of great change, successive generations have demonstrated that whilst the goodwill for which the Commonwealth is renowned may be intangible, its impact is very real. "We experience this as people of all backgrounds continue to find new ways of expressing through action the value of belonging in a connected Commonwealth. I hope and trust that many more will commit to doing so this Commonwealth Day." PA Images #commonwealth

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Much to the disappointment of Meghan and Harry, the queen is standing firmly by her decision. She will not give the Duke and Duchess permission to be completely independent of Buckingham Palace, as she feels that it is not the right thing for the family.

The queen has told the couple that they can’t stray from the structure of the royal family, and they must have their household under the jurisdiction of Buckingham Palace. While Meghan and Harry were not happy with what the queen decided, Prince Charles is in complete agreement with her.

Will Meghan and Harry keep pushing for their independence?

Although the couple has not made any statements indicating that they will, this doesn’t mean that it’s a closed book!

Harry and Meghan want to separate themselves as they continue on with their royal duties and start their family, creating their own brand and working on the issues on which they’d like to focus. Whether or not they will ask Harry’s grandmother to reconsider remains to be seen!

Will Prince Charles have to step in and intervene?

If it goes too far, he just might! Prince Charles knows that the queen always stands by her decisions and is unlikely to make an exception.

He realizes that she carefully considered the request of Meghan and Harry and is doing what she feels is best for them as well as all of the members of the royal family. It may get to the point where Charles needs to have a serious talk with Meghan and Harry and explain why they cannot be permitted to go off in their own direction and have complete independence. We hope that they can come to a resolution that everyone is happy with!