Will Prince William Face Same Public Shaming Over Rumored Affair As Prince Charles?

The story of Prince William having an affair with close friend Rose Hanbury simply won’t go away, even though it took time to permeate here in America. In Britain, it’s already created a huge riff between paparazzi and the public on whether they should believe the story.

If it’s not merely gossip, attempted repair within the royal family has already been well underway. Kate and William certainly don’t look any different in public. They still appear as the loving couple they’ve always been. Whether the reported feud between Harry and William is due to the rumors is another mystery.

Should the rumors be found true, will it lead to a public shaming like what Prince Charles experienced? Take a minute to see if this could happen based purely on media speculation.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Paul Ellis – WPA Pool /Getty Images

The shame Prince Charles experienced after his affair

Time truly does make people forget, and you might not even find many around who remember how they felt about Prince Charles after it came out he had an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

At the time, it created a tidal wave of public shock in the U.K. and America due to the extreme reverence for Princess Diana. If you were alive in the early 1990s, then you probably remember pictures of Charles and Diana on every tabloid cover in your grocery checkout line.

Despite affairs being a large part of British history, none had ever been reported in the open, paving a path toward royal affairs being easily revealed due to money and technology.

Nothing much has changed in that department now, other than camera technology making the reveal of an affair all the more damning. When it comes to the royals, though, visual evidence seems non-existent. No definitive evidence has ever popped up proving William had an affair with Rose Hanbury.

Even if it’s true, the public may or may not be forgiving

An affair between Hollywood couples doesn’t lead to as many media firestorms as we used to see. We’re so used to such situations, there’s usually a sense of either ignoring it or doling out forgiveness if the star shows remorse.

With the shape of marriage starting to change in Hollywood, we wonder whether certain marital arrangements are becoming more open to prevent the pain of an affair.

For the British royals, the sting of Prince Charles means there’s a concerted effort to never let it happen again. The prospect of it having perhaps happened again is probably too much for the British public to bear. Considering the young William was shaped profoundly by the affair of his dad, most of the British public may feel like disowning William for even thinking about repeating history.

Some of those feelings may be dangerous, because it’s going on emotion created by the British media rather than truly establishing the truth.

Has the British media manipulated the public into thinking the affair is true?

We’re definitely seeing a trend where some of the British media (we mean paparazzi) are seemingly fabricating royal scandals out of virtually no evidence. Of course, some would say they’ve always done that. They seem to be stepping it up to a new level nowadays.

With Meghan Markle in the spotlight, we’ve clearly seen she’s the biggest target. However, no doubt the paparazzi know William and Harry are still essentially at war with the British media after how they treated their mother.

Could their constant reporting on William’s affair be some kind of payback? In a time when journalists continually prove they aren’t creating fake news, having the British press possibly inventing this William affair based on a small amount of hearsay is obviously disconcerting.

The public there are already turning sour on William based on something that reportedly bewilders him and those involved. He likely never will address it on a wide public scale, making only time a factor in everyone forgetting about it.