Will Prince William and Kate Middleton Spend Quality Time With Baby Sussex When He or She Arrives?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to have a new niece or nephew. Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry will be welcoming a new baby, charmingly known as Baby Sussex, within the next few weeks. Things between the two couples have reportedly been rocky for the past few months, but still, family is family. It begs the question: Will William and Kate spend much quality time with their new niece or nephew, or will the supposed emotional distance prove to be true?

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry will welcome a baby in the next few weeks

Meghan and Harry haven’t even celebrated their one-year anniversary yet, but they’ll meet a major milestone before that happens — they’re set to welcome their first child this month. The couple has released very few details about Baby Sussex. Meghan said the baby is due in late April, but the two have kept the gender under wraps and haven’t given any information about a potential name. The public has speculated plenty over the past six months, but details won’t be unwrapped until the royal baby actually arrives.

Things between the four royals have been slippery recently

It seems that every day there is some new drama among the royals. Kate and Meghan reportedly had a tough feud for most of last year, and William and Harry deciding to split households has made everyone assume the worst about their relationship. While things definitely change as people grow older, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Will and Harry hate each other. And the supposed feud rumors have never once been discussed by a named, reliable source. It’s entirely possible that the tabloids are making everything up. And even if there is a rift in the family, it doesn’t mean it will last forever.

Kate Middleton has said she’s excited for her kids to have a new cousin

In the past, Kate has said she is thrilled to welcome a new member of the family because it means a new cousin for her own children to play with. This leads us to believe that regardless of the relationship between Meghan and Kate, Kate will most definitely be bringing her children around Meghan, Harry, and the new baby quite a bit. Harry and William were very close to their cousins growing up, and it would make sense that they’d want the same thing for their own children. Although the royal kids won’t be growing up as neighbors, they’ll only be a quick car ride away from one another. And it may prove to be for the better that they don’t all live in such close quarters.

Meghan has bonded with George and Charlotte and likely wants Kate to do the same

Meghan definitely had to win over some royal family members when she and Harry began dating, and she reportedly bonded with George and Charlotte by cooking for them when she and Harry were still dating. She also reportedly brought them treats every now and then when they were living near each other. Meghan will probably want Kate to return the favor in some way and bond with her new baby as well. Will and Kate certainly seem to want their kids to all get along, which means they’ll probably spend as much time with the new baby as their royal schedules — and royal feuds — allow.

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