Will Princess Charlotte’s Future Husband Have a Royal Title?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children are some the cutest royals we’ve ever seen and people love seeing them at public events or stealing the spotlight at weddings. The world has become so fascinated with the little ones now that questions have come up about their future especially Princess Charlotte’s.

We pretty much know where things stand for her big brother, Prince George, and assume that a lot of the same will go for her little brother, Prince Louis. As the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton though some of those things will be different for Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

For instance, when Prince George and Prince Louis get married their wives will receive royal titles just as Middleton and Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, did. But what about Charlotte’s future husband, will he receive HRH status? Here’s what we know.

Will Princess Charlotte’s husband have a title?

Because Charlotte is a princess whose father is second in line for the throne, many believe that the person she marries will receive a ranking title of perhaps a duke or prince. However, that is not the case as her future husband will not have either.

The man Charlotte ends up marrying will not get a regal title because only the sons and grandsons of the monarch receive honors such as dukedom. Moreover, some duke titles like the Duke of Cornwall, for example, are reserved only for the heir apparent.

This is the reason Princess Eugenie’s husband, Jack Brooksbank, did not receive a title when they tied the knot in October 2018. It’s also the case with Princess Anne, who can relate to Charlotte’s position as the sister of a future king.

The Princess Royal’s ex-husband, Mark Phillips, did not have a ranking title added to his name but Queen Elizabeth offered to bend the rules and give him an earldom title, which he turned down. So those rules could also be bent if the reigning monarch chooses to do so for Charlotte when she gets married.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte | HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images

What about her children?

Princess Charlotte’s children will not get HRH titles either because they too can only be inherited through males.

“Royal titles are inherited through sons, so if Princess Charlotte has children they would not automatically inherit the titles ‘HRH,’ ‘prince,’ or ‘princess,” Lucy Hume, associate director of Debrett’s, told Town & Country.

This is true with Princess Anne as well. Her son, Peter Phillips, and daughter, Zara Tindall, do not have royal titles. However, again, whoever the monarch is when Charlotte has children of her own can change this rule.

When Anne’s children were born the queen did offer to give them courtesy titles but the Princess Royal and Phillips did not wish for their kids to have royal status and declined the offer. The couple’s reasoning was so their children could each have a “normal” childhood which is something their daughter is happy about.

“I’m very lucky that both my parents decided to not use the title and we grew up and did all the things that gave us the opportunity to do,” Tindall said during an interview with the Times.

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