Will Queen Elizabeth Put an End to Meghan Markle’s Rude Nickname?

Royal fans were somewhat taken aback when the news recently broke that Meghan Markle had been given quite the rude nickname from royal staff.

We are certain that she is not happy about it, and Prince Harry is likely fuming as well! Meghan is still a fairly new member of the royal family, and it is unlikely that the staff even knows her well enough to give her a nickname in the first place. The unfavorable way that she is now being treated is probably angering more people than just the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Chances are, other family members such as Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II were angry when they first heard the news. Are the out of line staff members likely to stop on their own, or will the queen be forced to step in?

What are the staff members calling Meghan?

It turns out that royal staff members are now referring to Prince Harry’s wife as “Me-Gain”. Although we do not know who, exactly, made up this offensive name, we can say that Meghan is known for having a strong work ethic. She wakes up as early as 4:30 am on a typical day and begins emailing staff members as early as 5:00.

While this is just Meghan’s way of being a hard worker, it is apparently a little too much for some staff members to handle, as some have allegedly quit after only working for the duchess for a few months. It is in Meghan’s nature to work as diligently and as efficiently as she can, so it is unlikely that she will change her ways.

Does it have anything to do with Meghan’s family drama?

Some fans may be speculating that the staff has given Meghan the rude nickname as a way of adding to the drama that she is already experiencing with her family.

Just like anyone else, they likely know the stress that Meghan is dealing with on a regular basis regarding her half-sister, half-brother, and estranged father, and this may be their way of “getting in on the action”. Although it is inappropriate, the staff may be finding it amusing to create even more unwanted drama for the duchess.

Is Prince Harry angry?

Chances are that he is! Harry loves Meghan deeply and will stand by her side no matter what. The prince will likely not tolerate anyone treating his wife this way, and he is surely fuming about the whole ordeal!

While we don’t know if he has taken any action yet, we can only imagine that he is doing what he can to make his wife feel better, since a nickname from the royal staff is something that she doesn’t need or deserve!

What is likely to happen?

Hopefully, staff members will soon realize on their own that they have crossed a line, and they will stop their behavior. No one wants to be treated unfairly, and Meghan Markle is certainly not an exception.

If all goes well, the staff members who are calling Meghan by this unflattering nickname will come to the realization that this is not an appropriate way to treat the duchess, and they will apologize for what they have done.

Will the queen have to step in?

Chances are, the queen will only have to step in and demand that the staff stop what they are doing only if it goes too far. It is likely that Meghan is hurt by the whole ordeal, however, if she or Prince Harry take some sort of action, we imagine that the staff will realize their wrongdoings.

Royal fans adore Meghan and do not want to see the situation come to the point where Queen Elizabeth must intervene.