Will Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton Ever Team Up for a Full Album?

Reba McEntire has admired Dolly Parton for a very long time. It was Parton who helped McEntire land her first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry back in 1977. The legendary country singer came to McEntire’s aid again after she lost her tour manager and most of her band in a plane crash.

The two have been friends for decades, but have never recorded a full album together. Will this change any time soon? Here’s what we know:

Both are super talented

Between the pair, Parton and McEntire boast a whopping 16 CMA awards, 19 ACM awards, and at least 10 Grammy awards. The country music mavens have proven their staying power time and again, and music fans would undoubtedly love to see (and hear) a Parton-McEntire collaboration. When Andy Cohen asked McEntire if she would consider recording a full album with her musical idol, she replied in the affirmative.

“We haven’t talked about it, but I think that’s a great idea. I love Dolly Parton!”

Parton also offered a hearty yes when asked about her interest in recording with McEntire:

“Reba and I have often talked about working together or doing a TV show together. We certainly -through the years- should have done something together, a TV show, a movie or something, but we certainly should sing something together.”

They worked together before, but not as singers

If McEntire and Parton do team up to record an album, it won’t be the first time the pair have worked together. Back in April 2005, Parton made a guest appearance on McEntire’s WB comedy hit, Reba.

In the show, McEntire portrayed a Texas soccer mom struggling with single life in the wake of divorce from her husband, Brock, who was played by actor Christopher Rich. Melissa Peterman handled the part of the ‘other woman,’ Barbra Jean, while JoAnna Garcia, Scarlett Pomers, and Mitch Holleman starred as McEntire’s TV kids. Interestingly, McEntire did not play a singer on the show, and neither did Parton. Instead, Parton portrayed a real estate agent named Dolly Majors who kept her business cards in her cleavage, reported the Houston Chronicle.

“I told Reba that I’d be happy to play anything. I could play myself. She said, ‘I think it’d be more fun if you played somebody outside of Dolly Parton.’ I said, ‘Well, just as long as they have some redeeming qualities, and as long as I can do it and wear my high heels, my big hair, my fingernails and my makeup, I’ll do it.'”

Reciprocal respect

The mutual admiration society between Parton and McEntire goes back decades. After losing most of her touring band, it was Parton who bolstered McEntire’s hope for a musical future. During a February appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she explained:

“In 1991, I lost everybody but two band members, and I lost my tour manager in a plane crash in San Diego, and she called me and said ‘you can have my band, you take ’em.’ And then, her band leader put together a new band for me.”

McEntire includes the Parton-penned ‘Jolene’ in many of her live sets. Two years before the tragic plane wreck that killed her band, Parton showed up at the McCallum Theater in Palm Springs to perform ‘Jolene’ as a duet with the redheaded singer.

A McEntire-Parton collaborative full album may not be in the works just yet, but the chances of it happening in the near future seem entirely possible. If and when the country divas do get together in the studio, the results are sure to make musical history.