Will Robert Downey Jr. Return In ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’?

It seems like a lot of oddsmakers are betting on Tony Stark/Iron Man meeting some kind of demise in Avengers: Endgame. We’ve wondered ourselves about who is going to die and who ultimately stays alive. One thing we can count on is it’ll probably be somewhere in the middle for some of the superheroes.

What “the middle” means is debatable, though it probably means either death and later resurrection, or life with an ironic twist.

The cast of Endgame is already going through agony trying to keep these secrets. Should Robert Downey, Jr., who plays Iron Man, decide to do more Marvel movies, rumors are circulating about him showing up (or not) in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Would Iron Man being there make sense or would it be an “out of time” cameo?

When will ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ release?

From all reports, there’s only going to be a three-month wait from Endgame releasing to when Far From Home releases. The latter film is expected to open on July 5, one of the busiest times of the year in movie theaters.

What fans are trying to figure out is when the events of Far From Home take place. Questions have already emerged about Spider-Man himself since Spider-Man had died in Infinity War at the command of Thanos.

Many of the Marvel movies want to create a stable continuity so everything basically happens in a linear fashion to avoid narrative confusion. According to director Kevin Feige, Far From Home will take place after Endgame, making it a mystery how Spider-Man transitions back to life and copes afterward into his own sequel.

Since Stark played a pivotal role in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, we’re all curious if he’ll be in Far From Home. Official word is, the next ‘Spider-Man’ film will pick up mere minutes after Endgame finishes.

Peter Parker would lose a father figure if Tony Stark dies

Anyone who saw Spider-Man: Homecoming knows Stark became a father-like figure to Parker by saving the latter’s life. Even though they disagreed on how to go about facing Spider-Man’s nemesis (Vulture), Stark was simply trying to help a 15-year-old Parker find the right direction as a superhero.

Everyone noticed that Downey, Jr. didn’t appear in the Far From Home trailer, despite many analysts noting how much Marvel discreetly hides things in their trailers to avoid spoilers.

There are even discussions about whether the timeline in Far From Home is more fluid than what’s been revealed. If so, maybe Stark will show up in a small cameo in some capacity. This could be in flashback form, or who knows what considering his final existence may hover somewhere between death and life.                                                          

Other theories have it Stark simply won’t go to Europe (the setting of the next Spider-Man film) so he can pass the torch to the younger superheroes.

There could always be a surprise appearance by Tony Stark

If you had to bet whether Downey, Jr. agreed to do a cameo in Far From Home, your odds are probably a little better for it not being true. For starters, Downey, Jr. demands a huge payday now, giving all thoughts of him continuing as Stark anywhere else less credence based on how expensive it’s becoming.

From a narrative point of view, having Parker realize Stark is dead would also shift things into an emotional direction. As we’ve seen in real life, people who lose someone important to them usually gain more mental strength in overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

In this case, we’d see Spider-Man show a very human trait of enhancing his powers strictly from anger and wanting retribution, with his Spidey powers making up the other half.