Will Robert Kraft Be Charged With a Crime?

Billionaire Robert Kraft seems to have gotten himself in hot water as of late. The controversial Patriots owner has been caught up in a prostitution sting that threatens to bring down the famed NFL owner. Kraft, 77, is the former president of Citigroup and long-time owner of the New England Patriots. While the team enjoyed a Super Bowl win less than a month ago, Kraft is now at the center of a months-long investigation into a human trafficking ring.

Kraft, who was a regular visitor to spas that are now being accused of holding women against their will, and forcing several women, many Chinese immigrants, into sexual servitude, is at the center of the investigation, according to USA Today. Kraft is not believed to be involved in the operation of the ring; instead, he was a customer. The regularity of his visits is not yet known.

Where is Robert Kraft now?

After news of the prostitution sting broke, Kraft left Florida and headed to Los Angeles ahead of the Academy Awards. Kraft will attend the ceremony, according to Page Six. He has been spotted at several parties leading up to the awards ceremony on February 24.

Kraft who keeps a residence in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts also has a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. It is believed that Kraft spends much of the winter in Florida while the Patriots are on hiatus. When the team returns to the field, Kraft returns to Massachusetts to oversee the team’s day-to-day operations.

According to Boston 25 News, Kraft’s mansion is just minutes from the spas that are at the center of the human trafficking sting. Kraft, who was caught frequenting the spas, had also been spotted on local beaches with a bevy of young beauties. Whether or not they are tied to the prostitution ring is unknown.

Will Robert Kraft be charged with a crime?

Robert Kraft has not been charged with a crime just yet, according to The New York Post, but charges are forthcoming. While the 77-year-old has left Florida for greener pastures in Los Angeles, sources believe Florida police are preparing a warrant that will be delivered to Kraft’s attorneys.

According to reports, he is likely to be charged with two misdemeanor crimes, but he is unlikely to serve any jail time, or even attend a court hearing. Kraft is expected to have his lawyers handle the issue while he stays out of Florida. The solicitation of prostitution charges carries a jail term of 60 days or a $500 fine.