Will Royal Family Members Ever Make Cameos on ‘The Crown’?

It’s one of Netflix’s hottest properties, and fans can’t seem to get enough of The Crown. Now in the third season, featuring acclaimed actors like Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter, the show has earned viewers from multiple demographics, even those who might never have otherwise found themselves drawn in by royal family content.

Of course, most viewers want to know exactly how the royal family feels about their lives being dramatized for a streaming service. Read on to learn what the royal family thinks of the show, whether or not any of them could ever appear in the show, and if any royals have ever lent their talents to a movie or television series before.

What is ‘The Crown’ about?

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The Crown debuted in November 2016 to startlingly positive reviews. The show focuses on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her circle of family and friends. Some of the relationships examined and dramatized in the show include her marriage to Prince Philip (beginning with their wedding in 1947) and her sometimes-tumultuous bond with her sister, Princess Margaret.

The Crown also dives deep into different moments in history that affected and were affected by Queen Elizabeth’s leadership of England. In the first two seasons of the show, actress Claire Foy portrayed Queen Elizabeth II, with Olivia Colman picking up the crown for the third and fourth (yet unfilmed) season.

The Crown has won numerous awards, and is now considered to be one of the highest-rated and most critically praised Netflix shows of all time. The show was conceived to run for six seasons and to conclude with episodes that feature the dramatic arc of Princess Diana within the royal family. 

What do the royals think about ‘The Crown’?

It is not certain to what extent the royal family keeps up with pop culture. However, it seems only inevitable that the famous family would have some interest in a series that portrays their lives.

According to a recent report, Queen Elizabeth II has actually watched the entire first season of The Crown and actually rather enjoyed it. While the source claims that the queen believes some events in the show were too highly dramatized, she “really liked” the series overall.

Other fans of The Crown within the royal family include Prince Edward, the queen’s son, and his wife, the Duchess of Wessex. Reportedly, they were the ones to urge the queen to give the show a watch. Princess Eugenie is also a noted fan of the show.

Still, not everyone in the royal family loves the show. Prince Philip, according to reports, isn’t a fan of the show and has no interest in watching it.

Could any royal family members appear on ‘The Crown’?

Prince Charles
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Naturally, many fans have wondered whether or not any members of the royal family could actually end up appearing on the show — either in a small role or in a brief cameo appearance. While it’s certainly not a common thing for royals to do — aside from Meghan Markle, who acted for a living before marrying into the royal family — some members of the royal family have appeared in movies before.

Prince William and Prince Harry had cameos in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as stormtroopers. However, their faces were hidden behind masks and their scene reportedly didn’t even make the finished film. There has even been buzz that Prince Charles could make a cameo appearance in an upcoming James Bond film, though the rumors remain unconfirmed.

Still, a series about the royal family could be hitting a bit too close to home for any members of the family to actually appear in it themselves. For now, viewers will have to be in the dark about any future royal family cameos.