Will Ryan Reynolds Appear In More Superhero Movies?

The dangers of typecasting with actors has never gone away, and some are already in danger of it in the popular superhero movie era. Great thespians like Robert Downey, Jr. can’t ever seem to do any other film lately if it’s not associated with Marvel. Ryan Reynolds seems almost in the same boat, though at least his superhero has parody on his side.

Playing in Deadpool has probably been a blessing and curse for Reynolds. More positively, it’s allowed him to create a more comedic and R-rated, snarky persona, including on social media.

Will he continue to appear in more superhero movies? A Deadpool 3 is likely, but it opens an argument on whether some actors should escape superhero franchises.

Taking superheroes too seriously

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds | Lars Niki/Getty Images

When Reynolds took on the role of Green Lantern in 2011, he’d already played Wade Wilson/Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine two years before. Six years earlier, he acted in the superhero film Blade: Trinity playing Hannibal King.

These were all within the era when serious superhero films were just beginning to take off as massive blockbusters. They were made with the idea that comic book fans take these characters seriously and demand respect for them on the big screen.

While we knew Deadpool has a hilarious sarcastic streak, Green Lantern was made with a perfectly straight face. It might explain why it failed so miserably at the box office.

Making more comedic superhero movies could still become a billion-dollar genre.

Deadpool brought sarcasm some Marvel comic characters had

We sometimes forget how many of Stan Lee’s Marvel superheroes had sarcastic dialogue in their comic book editions. Spider-Man/Peter Parker is a good example if you’ve ever read classic Marvel comics from decades past.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a few moments of levity exist, though setting a mostly serious tone is always the game plan. This clearly works for most of the characters, but Deadpool was a superhero of a different stripe.

The Deadpool character was ribald tongue-in-cheek and paved the way for Ryan Reynolds to bring the same sensibility to his social media accounts.

Do fans really want a ‘Deadpool 3?

There isn’t a doubt the late Stan Lee’s characters helped reshape the careers of specific actors. Even so, we still wonder if he realized the movie versions of his characters would become typecast traps for the actors involved.

Making the Deadpool franchise into a no-holds-barred satire was still arguably the best career move Reynolds could make after being deemed an overly serious actor for a while.

Reviewers for Deadpool 2 deemed it one of the best comedies of 2018. With that, it seems inevitable a Deadpool 3 will happen eventually. Should Reynolds stay with the franchise or escape it while he has the chance?

Making the case for more superhero comedies

As we alluded above, the superhero comedy genre is something we haven’t seen nearly enough of since the Deadpool franchise began (other than Ant-Man and the Wasp). Amazingly, we haven’t yet seen it become a cottage industry. Why Hollywood hasn’t is beyond understanding when it’s a genre always garnering popular reviews.

Whether Ryan Reynolds decides to stick with the Deadpool franchise probably doesn’t matter since he already helped set a precedent for more like them if Hollywood dares. Then again, maybe the suits at Marvel are against making it bigger because they think it disrespects comic book fans.

Setting the mood for films like this has made Reynolds’ Twitter account a lot more entertaining in recent years. You can say the same about his wife Blake Lively’s social accounts.

Looking ahead to Reynolds’ future film trajectory

In the immediate future, it seems Reynolds doesn’t have any dramatic film projects lined up. Working as Wade Wilson/Deadpool may be mostly his cinematic universe for the next couple of years. Plus, Reynolds confirms there is a Deadpool 3 in development, despite likely going in a different direction.

With Disney now owning the Marvel characters, bringing the R-rated snark to Deadpool could prove problematic.

Using a clever writer, a hilariously saucy script could still be written and garner an acceptable Disney PG-13 rating.