Will Scarlett Johansson Be Cast in Chris Evans’ Upcoming Post-MCU Film: She Would Fit Perfectly?

Chris Evans, following his successful MCU run as the righteous, shield-wielding Captain America, is set to take on a character who — disparate from Rogers — does not only possess a good side. And, we mean this quite literally. Chris Evans is slated to star as Tom Jackman in Jekyllthe last living descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll a and Mr. Hyde. And, hopefully, Scarlett Johansson will take on one of the main supporting characters, as she would be ideal for the role.

MCU stars Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans
MCU stars Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Because the film was recently announced, Evans is the only cast member listed on the IMDb page; meaning, the supporting cast has yet to be confirmed. Taking into account the BBC show on which the film is based, we can, with a high potential for accuracy, presume what the movie will be about, and illustrate some of the main characters who have yet to be cast. 

The BBC original Jekyll took Robert Louis Stephenson’s original classic and wove a contemporary narrative. The show focused on Dr. Tom Jackman’s attempts — mostly involving modern technology — to keep his villainous alter ego, Mr. Hyde, at bay. Though Jackman and Hyde share one body, Hyde is stronger, and when the cunning and savage counterpart learns of Jackman’s family, the stakes take on grave consequences. So, where exactly does Scarlett Johansson fit into the whole picture? 

Scarlett Johansson would star across from Chris Evans as Jackman’s psychiatric nurse in ‘Jekyll’ 

In the BBC original, Tom Jackman relies heavily on his assistant, who is also a psychiatric nurse, to help him keep Hyde under control. In the show, her name was Katherine Reimer, and she was portrayed by Michelle Ryan (EastEnders, Bionic Woman, Cashback). 

So, why would Johansson be perfect as Katherine Reimer? Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans are close friends, who would naturally choose to assist and protect one another in life; thus, the dynamic inherent to the relationship between Jackman and Reiner would be familiar. Chemistry would be immediate and palpable, yet not in a sexual way. 

Katherine Reimer boasts a significant role in the series, and Scarlett Johansson would not be relegated to second fiddle by taking this part; not to mention, the filmmakers could enhance or adjust the role however they see fit. In short, the nature of Jackman and Reiner’s relationship would be one that fans are used to seeing between Evans and Johansson. Further, both actors could easily conjure this dynamic, for they spent years potraying confidantes in the Avengers. 

Why casting Scarlett Johansson in ‘Jekyll’ would be a smart move

In this day and age, selling tickets to see a film on the silver screen isn’t as easy as it used to be. Big budgets are rarely approved for films existing outside franchises (with exceptions made for all-star casts), and families are choosing to stay at home and watch the latest Netflix release.

Chris Evans can sell tickets on his own; however, Evans and Johansson together will undoubtedly sell more. Financially, it’s the best move the casting directors can make; fans will see this as a little reunion. Fans enjoy seeing the two on-screen together, and satisfying that desire is an easy way to boost hype and secure a few extra filled seats come showtime. Think about it; it can even be part of the marketing: “See Evans and Johansson together again in Jekyll.”