Will ‘She-Hulk’ Reintroduce Daredevil to the MCU?

Marvel Phase 4 is about to kick off with Black Widow. The Scarlett Johansson-led prequel to Avengers: Infinity War may focus on a beloved character. But the Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually poised for some major expansion in the years ahead.

On both the big screen and Disney+, the MCU is set to introduce Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and the Eternals. But one of the most anticipated — and indeed most impactful — could be the introduction of She-Hulk. So much of the speculation surrounding the show has been her connection to the Hulk. But what if Marvel uses She-Hulk to reintroduce Daredevil?

Charlie Cox at the premiere of 'Marvel's Daredevil'
Charlie Cox at the premiere of ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

‘She-Hulk’ is coming soon to Disney+

In the comics, Jennifer Walters — cousin to Bruce Banner — receives a milder version of his Hulk condition after receiving a blood transfusion. Much like the version of Hulk seen in Avengers: Endgame, She-Hulk is able to retain her intelligence and personality even when she goes green. In fact, in some versions of the character, she stays in her hulked-out form.

At this early stage, we don’t know a whole lot for sure about how the MCU will adapt the character. Talk has run rampant about Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as Banner/Hulk on the show in some capacity. And rumors are swirling that GLOW star Alison Brie might be Disney’s top choice for the lead. But again, Marvel Studios hasn’t made it official just yet.

Increasingly, it does sound like the show is shaping up nicely. Moreover, it seems like it will feature a fair share of humor. To that end, Jessica Gao (Silicon Valley, Rick and Morty) will serve as the show’s head writer. But with no official premise or release date, all we can do is speculate about what to expect from She-Hulk.

A new report could offer some key details

Now a new report from The Illuminerdi offers to possibly shed some light. According to their sources, the Disney+ version of Walters will be a lawyer like her comic book counterpart. But the supposed logline of the show provides even more detail, stating that Walters focuses on cases involving superheroes.

The way the concept behind the show is presented, it sounds as if Walters moonlights as She-Hulk. By that rationale, it’s very possible she can transform at will and spends most of her time in the courtroom. Such a scenario would allow Marvel to keep the budget under control and give She-Hulk room to evolve in the future.

After all, assuming She-Hulk will require either CGI or motion-capture, the series could be incredibly costly to produce. Moreover, Walters’ body chemistry could always change over time, causing her to stay green all the time. Perhaps the constant switching leads Walters to experience recurring medical instability. At least we know Banner has cracked the code to keeping his own inner Hulk under control.

Could Daredevil make his long-awaited return?

In addition to giving us a fuller picture of what we could expect from She-Hulk, the focus on Walters’ law career is promising. We’ve already seen the films deal with the political and social fallout from the Avengers’ actions. And in the wake of the whole Thanos epic, we imagine those issues have compounded much more.

Plus, Walters’ focus on superhero law feels like the perfect opportunity to bring Matt Murdock aka Daredevil into the picture. Since Marvel Studios now handles all the TV projects as well, the previous Netflix series — such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage — have been closed down. Yet, rumors persist that Marvel is looking to reintegrate these characters soon.

Considering how beloved most of those performances were, we imagine Marvel Studios might aim to keep the actors behind them. Daredevil‘s Charlie Cox is no doubt at the top of that list. We don’t want Murdock stealing the spotlight from Walters. But a cameo or guest appearance could confirm his existence in the MCU until he gets his own Disney+ show.

Many fans have hoped Murdock would use his superheroic legal skills to help Spider-Man. Judging by how Spider-Man: Far from Home ends, that could still be a possibility in the next Spidey film. But Marvel’s whole mission statement now is treating the movies and shows interchangeably. A Daredevil appearance on She-Hulk would be an easy way to do that.