Will ‘Southern Charm’ Bring Back Ashley Jacobs And Landon Clements For Season 7?

Ashley Jacobs and Landon Clements are becoming fast friends, a development that has not gone over well with many Southern Charm fans. Jacobs recently posed with Clements for a quick Instagram selfie, and the photo has officially sparked speculation that both women are returning to Southern Charm in season 7. We are still months away from any casting announcements, but there is no denying that Jacobs has found a new friend.

Southern Charm Ashley Jacobs
‘Southern Charm’ Ashley Jacobs and Kathryn Dennis | Photo by Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Inside Jacobs and Clements’s unlikely friendship

Most Southern Charm fans were caught off guard when they found out that Jacobs and Clements are good friends, both on and off the show. Their recent activity on social media only confirms that they love hanging out, which could open the door for a return to the Bravo show.

Jacobs was first introduced two seasons ago on Southern Charm as Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend. Following the demise of their rocky relationship – and Ravenel’s sexual assault scandal – Jacobs lost her spot and only appeared as a guest star in season 6.

One reason why Jacobs was not invited back was because she does not have any other friends on the show. And with Ravenel getting the boot, she didn’t really have a good enough storyline to warrant anything beyond a short cameo.

Her friendship with Clements, however, could change that. If the pair continue their relationship, there is a chance that Bravo will ask them to return to the series next season – especially if the network gets desperate for drama.

In their latest post, the former Southern Charm ladies shared similar photos of themselves wearing basically the same outfit. The two attended an event at the Santa Monica Polo and Racquet Club and appeared to have a blast together.

Clements defends Jacobs on social media

Jacobs took a lot of heat during her first season on Southern Charm, mostly for butting heads with Kathryn Dennis. Following Jacobs’s recent cameo on the show, Clements took to social media in full support for her new bestie.

After several Southern Charm fans blasted Jacobs for trying to stir up more drama with Dennis, Clements assured fans that it was Dennis who was in the wrong. She also defended what Jacobs previously said about Dennis being nothing more than “an egg donor,” which did not go over well with fans.

“I think she meant her behavior reduced her to simply an egg donor when those words were said,” Clements clarified. “Ashley was indeed spending more time with her kids than her. It’s all just so sad.”

This, of course, is not the first time Clements has supported her friends online. In the wake of Ravenel’s sexual assault scandal, Clements took to social media and assured fans that he is the last person would ever hurt someone.

According to Us Magazine, two women have accused Ravenel of sexual assault, allegations that led to his immediate dismissal from Southern Charm. Ravenel is currently waiting to go to court to answer for his crimes and denies any wrongdoing.

Jacobs has not commented on a possible return to Southern Charm or her friendship with Clements.

Clements opens up about her big move

Shortly after the season 6 premiere of Southern Charm, Clements packed her bags and moved back to her home in California. Clements left Charleston partly because Bravo no longer wanted her on the show and partly because of her career in real estate.

In fact, Clements revealed that she moved so that she could continue doing real estate without having to worry about drama from the show. According to Reality Blurb, Clements also revealed that Bravo probably won’t be asking her back anytime soon.

The former Southern Charm star explained how several focus groups did not like her on the show. Clements is still unclear on why the people in the groups did not like her, but it sounds like she is happy now that she is back in sunny California.

“I don’t know if they want me back. They did all these focus groups and stuff, and I apparently didn’t do very well in the focus groups,” Clements shared.

The interview comes after Clements recently shared her thoughts about all the drama from the show. Clements found it interesting that she and Jacobs were still making headlines while the rest of the cast was not being talked about at all.

Season 6 of Southern Charm recently called it a wrap. Bravo has yet to reveal when season 7 will premiere, though filming is expected to begin shortly.