Will ‘Stranger Things’ Get a Season 4?

While most shows with kids are usually designed for kids, Stranger Things is a show about kids for adults. Well, you can maybe say it’s for adults and kids considering the latter also watch.

Whatever your view is of the viewer demographic, it’s an entertaining nod to the Spielberg movie vibe of the early to mid-1980s. It’s made superstars out of the child actors and continues bringing a unique mix of science fiction/horror to the streaming universe.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

After two successful seasons, a third hits this July 4. A fourth season is inevitable based on the ever-compelling supernatural weirdness taking place in ’80s Hawkins, Indiana, but how much longer will the stars stick around?

What’s going to happen first in season 3?

Fans of the show are all wondering whether we’ll get a time jump in season three compared to where season two left off. In the previous season, it was 1984 and the Upside-Down wreaks havoc on the mind of Will Byers. A tentacled creature Will sees through hallucinations starts to haunt Hawkins, leaving the other kids in a push to close the portal to the Upside-Down before things get out of hand.

For those who grew up in 1984, the retro aspects were once again fun to watch carefully. One of the greatest aspects to Stranger Things is the obsessive detail placed in each episode to represent the time period. They’ve even worked hard to make the film quality look similar to the era.

During the second season, we once again saw the value in the acting of the child cast. Millie Bobby Brown continues to prove how much value she brings to the show by playing Eleven/Jane Ives/Jane Hopper.

On the Fourth of July, eight new episodes for Season Three will drop and written mostly again by the Duffer Brothers. Reportedly taking place in 1985, the entire cast is still intact, at least for now.

Would season 4 happen without Millie Bobby Brown?

We’ve speculated before whether Brown would stick around for a fourth season. Without her as Eleven, what would a fourth season really look like?

Any fan of the show would say there are enough interesting characters to keep the show relevant into a fourth year. A major challenge is how fast the kids are growing up. The show has had to move the time periods further forward because of how fast they’re turning into near adults.

A lot of shows that uses kids in their mid-teens have had to deal with similar situations. Not many shows have had teen cast members become superstars in such a short amount of time either.

Someone like Millie Bobby Brown may feel like typecasting is inevitable, precipitating the need to leave the show before a fourth season happens. Then again, she’s refuted any notion she’ll be leaving soon.

Should the show introduce new characters before the kids move on?

Some fans might suggest Stranger Things should expand the cast to create interesting characters to focus on should the show go on for several years. The kids in the cast probably won’t stay any more than two or three more years as they’re tempted to expand their careers into movies.

Millie Bobby Brown is already acting in movies, particularly two upcoming Godzilla films for a new franchise. Once the other stars start acting in big blockbuster films, it won’t be long before they say goodbye to Stranger Things.

Conversely, since TV shows like this are like the new movie theater, they may realize nothing else will be as good. It’s a lesson more actors are starting to realize rather than taking a gamble of “knowing” greener showbiz pastures await.