Will ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Ever Come to Netflix?

Now that The Big Bang Theory is close to its final episode of the series fans are wanting more. Sure they still have Young Sheldon to keep them company, but many are already thinking about starting the series all over again.

It is not at all uncommon for people to watch their favorite shows from start to finish several times. Think Friends, or The Office, for example, which is available on Netflix. This begs the question, will The Big Bang Theory ever come to Netflix?

It turns out that this is not an easy question to answer. You have to think about the value of the show. According to The Independent, the producers offered Jim Parsons $50 million for another two seasons to which he turned down. We’d say that makes the show’s value quite high. Sure Netflix would want to offer it to subscribers, but that doesn’t mean CBS is on board. Here’s what we know about where you can watch past episodes, and whether Netflix will get a contract.

Where can you stream ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

'The Big Bang Theory'
‘The Big Bang Theory’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

If you are one of the many fans that want to binge watch the entire series, you could download the CBS All Access streaming channel. It is available on all smart devices and computers. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for it. They have two options, depending on whether you are okay with commercials or not.

Another option for people that want to own the series is to buy each season on Amazon Prime. This is a good option for people that are only interested in The Big Bang Theory. Then you are only paying for what you want, and you can watch it over and over. It could end up costing a lot of money to do it this way. If you have digital television or basic cable, you may be able to watch for free. 

Other ways to watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’

If commercials are not a problem for you, TBS regularly airs reruns all the time. Of Course, this is the old school way to do it, and you may not be able to watch them in order, but it will work. Plus, if you already have the channel, it won’t cost you anything extra to watch your favorite nerds. Some episodes are on YouTube. Although, they are not always good quality, and often they get taken down for licensing problems. You might be able to find your favorite episodes in between Baby Shark videos and greatest fails. 

Will ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ever come to Netflix?

Still, with all these options, diehard fans want to know if The Big Bang Theory will ever come to Netflix. The answer is, maybe. But probably not for a while.

If CBS were to make a deal with Netflix, it would likely be after they have gotten as much money out of the series as they possibly can. When you watch through CBS All Access, you’re making them more money directly, than if you watched it commercial free on Netflix.

The Big Bang Theory has a lot of fans, and that gives CBS all the leverage it needs to stay put. On the other hand, if you live outside of the U.S., you might be in luck. Because Netflix is global, some countries will have access to the show, even though it won’t be available in America. That is because CBS All Access is not as accessible in other countries, so they can make more money in those areas using Netflix instead.

If all else fails, wait until after the show ends. That will be on May 16th, in case you weren’t sure. CBS will likely release a box set with the entire series as well as special features. Then you could upload the set to your hard drive and stream anywhere, anytime.