Will The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Series Finale Finally Reveal Penny’s Last Name?

The Big Bang Theory is expected to clean up a lot of loose ends for our favorite characters during the upcoming finale, but there is one mystery that will remain unsolved. In a new interview ahead of the highly anticipated finale, Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco revealed that fans will not find out Penny’s last name.

'Big Bang Theory' stars Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Cuoco opens up about Penny’s mysterious last name

Fans will likely be disappointed about Penny’s maiden name, but Cuoco likes the decision to omit it from her character’s ending. According to Pop Culture, the actress assured fans that a lot of mysteries will be solved in the series finale and that she likes how Penny’s name will not be one of them.

“I kinda love it,” Cuoco shared. “Cause so many things are revealed in the last few episodes, you get a lot of satisfying moments, I’ll tell you that. But that I kind of love.”

Cuoco added that her co-star, Johnny Galecki, has long maintained that Penny’s real last name is actually Hofstadter, which a reference to his character, Leonard. It is unclear if the series ever gave Penny a last name in the first place, but it sounds like we will never know either way.

That said, Cuoco could also break her silence on the matter, but something tells us that is not going to happen anytime soon.

‘Big Bang Theory’ cast gets emotional on set

Penny’s last name aside, things got pretty emotional as the cast and crew filmed the final episode of the Big Bang Theory. Production for the series finale wrapped up last week, and the core cast members, including Galecki, Cuoco, Jim Parsons, and Kunal Nayvar, enjoyed a group hug prior to shooting their last scene together.

Cuoco revealed that the moment was especially emotional for the cast, who just kept saying “I love you” during the intense scene.

Parsons later added that the group hug was a particularly difficult moment because it was the first of many goodbyes. Galecki echoed his sentiments and revealed that he said goodbye to his character in a special way.

The actor walked around the studio after filming was over and quietly bid farewell to his character. Galecki revealed that he had been worried that Cuoco might get too emotional during the finale, but he was the one who actually became overwhelmed.

What can fans expect to unfold in ‘TBBT’ finale?

Producers have been very quiet about releasing too many spoilers ahead of the finale, but we do know a few things about the show’s last episode. Sources claim that the installment will feature some darker plot elements than fans are used to, though we will still get a lot of laughs along the way. Fans can also expect most of the story arcs to come to organic conclusions, which tells us that we probably won’t have to suffer through any deaths.

There’s also been word that the finale will feature a cameo from a major Hollywood star. We still don’t know who will make an appearance, but it could be an actor from either the Star Wars or Star Trek franchises. Some memorable cameos in the past have included the likes of Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking, and Carrie Fisher, so the bar has been set pretty high.

CBS announces retrospective special

Right after the finale of the Big Bang Theory, CBS will release a special, titled Unraveling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farwell, which examines the importance of the show.

The episode is 30 minutes in length and will take fans behind the scenes of television’s longest running comedy-drama. Galecki and Cuoco are hosting the special event, which will feature a set tour and a look at some behind-the-scenes secrets.

In speaking about the special, the president of CBS, Kelly Kahl, praised the series for its success over the years and told fans that they wanted to make sure it went out with a proper farewell.

It is unclear what will be revealed during the special, though it is safe to say that Cuoco will keep Penny’s last name a tightly guarded secret.

Following the special, the cast of the show will make an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The series finale of The Big Bang Theory airs May 16 on CBS.