Will The Emmy Awards Suffer From Low Ratings This Year?

The 2019 Emmy Awards have all the makings of a ratings juggernaut. There are several favorite shows nominated in a variety of categories. There are several highly competitive categories and a few dark horses that could cause an upset. Experts, however, are predicting the broadcast could pull in the lowest ratings in the history of the ceremony’s telecast. Lower viewership for the ceremony is likely due to several factors, argue experts.

The ceremony will go up against some significant competition

Fox’s broadcast of The Emmy Awards has typically seen lower ratings than the ceremony on other networks. With a Sept. 22 ceremony planned, the show will be competing against a couple of big players for viewership. Sunday Night Football, on NBC, will be featuring the Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Browns. Both teams have solid fanbases.

The Emmy Awards
The Emmy Awards Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Fox is also lacking an afternoon Football game. When a network shows a football game before an awards show, the viewership is typically higher, according to CNN. Generally speaking, the football game serves as a lead in to the awards ceremony. Without something huge to back into the awards, Fox could flounder.

Oversaturation could be a problem

Oversaturation might doom the 2019 Emmy Awards to dismal viewership numbers for the second year in a row. While the ceremony was all the rage before the advent of the internet, it’s now easier than ever for fans to get a condensed rundown of what happened on the telecast without actually having to watch the entire show. Twitter feeds, and Instagram stories are just two ways people are garnering info about shows as they happen without being forced to turn on the TV.

Viewers may also be suffering from awards fatigue, and the Emmy Awards are not the only ceremony that has fallen victim to it. Numbers have been down across the board, and it might have something to do with fans burning themselves out on awards shows. Everything from The Oscars to the Video Music Awards offers a telecast. More niche awards ceremonies also offer broadcasts.

Simply put, the circuit might be too much for everyone but the most diehard media fans. The shows also tend to run long, meaning viewers are dedicating an entire chunk of their evening to the event if they tune in.  That was standard in the 1990s, but it’s no longer a necessity now.

All hope is not lost for the 2019 Emmy Awards

While many experts are predicting a drop in viewership, there are a few highlights to the ceremony that could bolster ratings. According to Cinema Blend, the lack of a host could be a good thing. Fans might tune in this year to see what the show will look like sans a master of ceremonies. That curiosity alone could draw some viewership.

The shows that will be honored might also help buoy numbers. With several remarkable shows walking off into the sunset, fans could tune in to see how The Emmy Awards chooses to honor them. The Big Bang Theory, which was largely snubbed this year, Game of Thrones, which was decidedly not snubbed, and Veep are all on their farewell tour. With three top-rated shows leaving TV, the Emmys might just get a little boost.