Will the Final Season of ‘Homeland’ Cover the Trump Administration?

The final season of Showtime’s Homeland is coming later this year. It won’t arrive in June, as originally expected, but in fall 2019 instead, due to some production issues overseas. Nonetheless, it will wrap up late in the year.

That leaves a full (12-episode) eighth season for fans to enjoy before there’s no more Carrie Mathison and Saul Berenson to kick around. All things considered, you can’t ask for much more as a classic show fades to black. (By contrast, Veep will only run seven episodes in its final season.)

Naturally, we should expect fireworks (or firefights, or fire-bombing) before Homeland departs. However, producers have been mostly tight-lipped about the subject of the final installment.

Yet we do know the show is filming in Morocco to double as an overseas location. Meanwhile, with word that the show will jump ahead in time a few years opens up several possibilities — including a Homeland take on the Trump administration.

Settings of Afghanistan and Israel have been mentioned.

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in ‘Homeland’ | Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME

We have some clues about the direction Homeland’s final season will take. For one, we know the main setting is overseas because of the production troubles. Speculation has been that Morocco will serve as a fictional Afghanistan.

However, showrunner and executive producer Alex Gansa has mentioned that the Homeland team “would all love to take this show back to Israel” sometime in its final installment.

With all the turmoil in both countries circa 2019, the obvious answer would be, “Why not both?” We’ve seen Saul visit (and defect to) Israel in past seasons, and the country continues to play an outsize role in U.S. foreign policy.

That decision would also leave plenty of room to bring in Trump, who seems to accommodate Israeli demands as often as he does those of Saudi Arabia or Russia.

Both settings also allow opportunities to bring in characters based on Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and other Trump associates convicted in the past two years.

Trump’s indicted campaign chair, National Security Advisor, and personal lawyer offer rich material.

Claire Danes acts in a scene of “Homeland” on the newsroom floor of the Charlotte Observer. | Robert Lahser/Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images

In Season Seven of Homeland, the show’s writers did a fine job incorporating the latest news in international and domestic warfare. Viewers saw how weaponized Twitter accounts, fake-news podcasts, and Russian cyberwarfare could (and did) wreak havoc on democracy.

Now that we have Trump’s National Security Advisor with a guilty plea on file — and his campaign chairman sentenced to a long prison term — you can only imagine what the show’s writers cooked up for the final season.

Of course, the genius of Homelandis the writers’ ability to always go in a direction viewers don’t expect. There’s hardly a partisan bone in the show’s body, and that’s always been to its credit.

Instead, you find characters like President Keane, who start out as liberal but turn quasi-fascist when the occasion calls for it. In previous seasons, we watched as Carrie backed off a treason charge on CIA Director Lockhart to score a better job fighting terror overseas.

With those plot twists in mind, you can think of Trump as a blank canvas for the show to work with in its final season. In this situation, everyone who loves Homeland wins.

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