Will ‘The Good Doctor’ Be Renewed For a Season 3?

ABC’s primetime drama The Good Doctor returned for its second season on September 24, 2018. The show follows Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon who has been hired by the hospital at the request of one doctor, Dr. Aaron Glassman. Glassman took a chance on Murphy, who is living with both autism and savant syndrome. The show has resonated well with viewers, which leaves everyone wondering: Will it get picked up for a third season?

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Will fans see another season of “The Good Doctor?” | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

‘The Good Doctor’ has had a consistently good viewership rating

When The Good Doctor premiered on ABC in 2017, it pulled in 11.22 million viewers nationwide. The show, which is based off of a South Korean drama of the same name, was a risk for the network. This is because its central character lives with a developmental disorder, which gave it the potential to be harshly criticized by the public. However, it got excellent ratings in its premiere and finished out its first season strongly. Variety reported that 9.4 million viewers stuck around for the show’s season finale, and as expected, it was renewed for a second season.

Actor Freddie Highmore has been praised for his portrayal of a young autistic man

Freddie Highmore, who plays Murphy on the show, is no stranger to complex roles. He previously played a serial killer on the series Bates Motel just before signing on to play Murphy. On the show, Murphy has autism and savant syndrome. Savant syndrome affects about 1% of developmentally disabled people, giving them a quality of brilliance that almost nobody else has. Murphy is able to figure out what is wrong with patients by putting two and two together in ways no other doctor on the show can. Highmore has been praised for his portrayal of the autistic character. He won a Golden Globe for the show, and has been praised by Autism Speaks and The Art of Autism for his sensitive portrayal. However, some have noted that the autism spectrum varies greatly, and Highmore’s acting only represents one specific person on that spectrum: Shaun Murphy.

But ‘The Good Doctor’ isn’t doing as well as other primetime shows

Despite its consistent success on ABC, the show isn’t doing as well as a few others. Its season two premiere brought in 12.4 million viewers, a large step up from its season one finale. Although this is a good sign, other shows, such as Manifest and Young Sheldon, brought in more. The series premiere of Manifest saw a total of 16.1 million viewers. The show premiered at the same time as The Good Doctor and may have taken some of its viewers. Plus, Young Sheldon also stole the night with 13.4 million viewers.

However, all signs point to a season three

The Good Doctor may not have had the No. 1 premiere, but it is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to primetime television. The fact that more people turned out for the second season than the first only shows that the show is growing in popularity, not dwindling. A third season hasn’t been announced yet, but as long as the fans are showing up, the show will most likely go on.

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