Will ‘The Mandalorian’ Finally Reveal the Species of This Star Wars Character?

The Mandalorian on Disney+ has set a new precedent for Star Wars originals, perhaps exceeding what’s possible now on the big-screen. As already seen in its first two chapters (episodes), the budget for this show is equal with any of the current films in the new Skywalker trilogy, making further big-screen efforts almost unnecessary.

Yes, this is the kind of bar Disney+ is setting, but they also managed one other amazing thing: Keeping a plot secret. Director and writer of The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau, was worried about just that. Keeping the secret of The Mandalorian discovering a (spoiler!) Baby Yoda ended up being the biggest surprise in Star Wars history next to Darth Vader revealing himself as Luke’s father.

Now everyone wants to know who this Baby Yoda is. What kind of species is Yoda, and did he manage to have a child who’s also blessed with The Force?

Yoda’s species name still isn’t officially known

Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau onstage
Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Any Star Wars fan knows there isn’t any official designated name for Yoda’s species, other than something similar called Yaddle as revealed in The Phantom Menace. Officially, though, George Lucas always saw to it the name of Yoda’s species stay a secret and just be referred to as “Yoda’s Species.”

Why he wanted it a mystery is a mystery on its own. Not that mystery hasn’t always benefited Star Wars, giving credence to the prequels maybe staying in everyone’s imaginations rather than being deliberately made.

Since Lucas has no say in The Mandalorian (or so we assume), writer Jon Favreau must have always wondered himself why we never knew more about Yoda’s species name and if many more existed beyond seen in the early Jedi Order. While there were additional rumors of his species being named Lannik, it was quashed as being false within the saga itself.

With The Mandalorian discovering a Baby Yoda as his bounty, it’s worth contemplating whether the Yoda we knew ended up having a child somewhere along the line. There has to be a connection considering this Baby Yoda was seen to have Jedi-like powers in Chapter 2.

We’ll likely know before the series ends

Anyone watching The Mandalorian knows they aren’t going to do a quick reveal on who this Baby Yoda is. There may not be anything known until the end of the first season considering even Chapter 2 didn’t reveal much other than the alien’s ability to levitate things.

All first thoughts go to Yoda, of course, and whether he was capable of producing offspring. Everyone always looked at him as being alone and almost hermit-like, if due to the Jedi code. This might not have been the case at all, which shouldn’t necessarily surprise everyone.

Usually a species we think would never procreate ends up being one of the most fertile of all. As far as anyone knows, Yoda’s species might have had as many offspring as rabbits.

The real story of The Mandalorian might not be the title character after all and maybe Baby Yoda’s if he/she grows up to be like Yoda himself.

Unless the creature isn’t really from Yoda’s line at all

One thing The Mandalorian is attempting to do is create its own world beyond the confines of the Skywalker saga. Latter is still playing out somewhere in the universe since this takes place only five years after the events of Return of the Jedi.

During this time, we know Yoda has since died and become a Force Ghost. Somehow it doesn’t make sense he would have had a child, unless the child’s age (50) gives some kind of clue to him having a son before The Phantom Menace even took place.

Being so far away from the Skywalker universe, it seem having a connection to Yoda is implausible. Then again, several references to the Skywalker world have already been revealed, namely a possible escapee from the Empire, plus Jawas showing up in the second episode.

An emotional connection similar to Yoda is just what future standalone Star Wars shows/movies need to really succeed. Any association with the Skywalkers, no matter how small, will be the only way to really connect to the heart of what Star Wars meant to so many.