Will ‘The Morning Show’ Have a Second Season?

Not so long ago, if a TV network had renewed a brand new series after airing only three shows, that network would have been branded as nuts. It wouldn’t have mattered if that new show starred Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

However, it’s not 1999 or even 2009 anymore. With streaming running at full power and only gaining popularity, the rules have changed. That’s why The Morning Show got two seasons even before a single episode had aired. 

All the Apple TV+ shows were renewed

Apple TV+ logo on a TV screen
Apple TV Plus logo | Chesnot/Getty Images

It wasn’t just The Morning Show that benefited from the new streaming TV landscape. All of Apple TV’s major series got second seasons, including See, Dickinson and For All Mankind, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Production on the second seasons of Morning Show and Dickinson has either already started or is about to start, even though the shows have only been on the air for about a week. 

Like Netflix and other streaming outlets, Apple does not release viewership figures, but the company says it’s “thrilled” with the performances of the shows and that viewership grew by “triple digits” over Apple TV+’s first weekend.

A lot is riding on the success of these shows, as Apple took a considerable gamble by becoming a content producer for the first time,spending $240 million just for the first two seasons of See, a drama about a dystopian future where most of the human race is blind. 

Many people were surprised when Apple TV+’s price turned out to be only $5 a month, undercutting even Disney+’s $7 a month. However, Apple is counting on its built-in base of device users, offering customers free Apple TV+ for a year if they bought a new device recently. 

‘The Morning Show’ has good if not stellar reviews

The Morning Show was probably the most highly touted of the new shows, with the combined star power of Aniston and Witherspoon, former Friends co-stars who also serve as executive producers.

Reviews of Apple’s shows have been decidedly mixed, although many viewers of The Morning Show say it’s Aniston’s best work in years. She plays a longtime morning news show host rocked by scandal when her co-host Steve Carell is fired for sexual harassment. Witherspoon plays an up-and-coming brash reporter who unwittingly gets caught up in the drama. 

Glamour wrote:

“Throughout Aniston’s career post-Friends, she’s flexed her comedic muscles (see: The Break-Up, Murder Mystery) and shown incredible dramatic range in films like Cake and The Good Girl. But it’s her role as Alex Levy, a national news anchor dealing with sexism, ageism, and #MeToo on The Morning Show that gives Aniston the most to work with. In it she’s completely captivating.”

The Morning Show has a 62 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, while See has 41 percent. Dickinson and For All Mankind fare the best, with about 72 percent each. The Critical Consensus on The Morning Show states, “Though The Morning Show often feels more like a vanity project than the hard-hitting drama it aspires to be, there is pleasure to be had in watching Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon give it their all.”

The more TV changes, the more it stays the same

This is not to say that TV shows are forever guaranteed a second season even when their first season has just barely started. HBO, which still operates largely by broadcast standards, recently deep-sixed a Game of Thrones prequel show, even with a guaranteed built-in audience and an A-list cast including Naomi Watts.

The pilot was shot, but HBO decided not to pick the reportedly troubled show up, moving forward with another Game of Thrones prequel instead. 

While critics have carped that the Apple TV+ shows are underwhelming, The Verge noted that the entire streaming landscape is still in an exploratory mode, and even the biggest players now, like Netflix and Amazon are still experimenting, having struggled in their early days. 

“Viewers aren’t critics,” analyst Eric Haggstrom told The Verge.People will watch these shows, regardless of what critics say. Whether they continue to watch them after a month depends on quality. “