Will ‘The Office’ Leave Netflix Soon?

If you spend any time browsing the latest entertainment news or perusing the dark depths of Twitter, you’ve probably read a few alarming things.

Rumors of The Office being pulled from Netflix have been swirling around for a while, but recently they’ve been spreading like wildfire. News outlets, Netflix subscribers, and even Netflix themselves have been commenting on the streaming giants potential loss of the beloved sitcom.

The Office
The Office | Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Why would ‘The Office’ be leaving Netflix?

At one point, Netflix was basically the only streaming service available. It was founded in 1997, long before Hulu and Amazon Instant Video began making waves in the market. The current media giant used to offer a unique service, one where some of your favorite movies and shows got together under one roof. Now Netflix has expanded to the point where it even offers original content.

Netflix’s success is hard to ignore; that’s probably why NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, and Disney are all jumping on the streaming bandwagonThe Office is owned by NBCUniversal so their streaming service could very well result in Netflix losing the beloved comical sitcom. Currently, Netflix pays a lot of money to stream the show, removing it would mean a loss of revenue for NBC, but it could also mean a boost in subscribers during the early days of their launch.

NBCUniversal can also opt to share The Office with its direct competition, but if they do it’s one less exclusive in their corner and one less reason for subscribers to move to NBC’s streaming service.

Netflix could also choose to give up ‘The Office’ 

Netflix pays millions of dollars for the licenses necessary to stream other networks’ shows. For the hit classic Friends, Netflix dropped $118 million. That was back in 2015. They also dropped another $100 million this year to keep the show running. Previously they were only paying $30 million yearly! That is quite the fee, but considering the popularity of the show, it must be worth it.

How does The Office stack up? It looks like Netflix has paid upwards of $100 million over the last few years to keep the sitcom streaming. When you compare it to Friends, it’s nothing. But it’s still $100 million that could have gone toward other aspects in the company. With The Office having such a huge fan base, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility that WarnerMedia would take a page from NBCUniversal and raise their fees exponentially. 

With Netflix and WarnerMedia’s contract going out the window in 2021, Netflix may very well be the one to pull out of a renewal if they don’t feel like the cost is worth the reward.

How do fans feel about Netflix losing ‘The Office’?

Two words — not happy. Fans have been taking to Twitter to let their feelings be heard. With the recent price hike already throwing subscribers off their game, a loss of a popular show could be the nail in the coffin for some. One Twitter user said The Office was the only thing keeping them paying the subscription fee.

Other’s users used memes to express their displeasure while some went as far as to say their lives would be over! It may look like everyone’s just dramatic, but it shows just how important the show is for a wealth of Netflix’s user base.

How would Netflix make up for the loss?

Even if Michael Scott isn’t on Netflix after 2021, another Steve Carell character will be there to try to fill his shoes. Netflix has already signed all the paperwork necessary to stream Space Force, a comedy being produced by and featuring Carell. That won’t be the only member of The Office team on board either. Greg Daniels, the producer of The Office (American version), will help Carell create the comedy. Howard Klein, a producer of 166 episodes of The Office, will also be an executive producer for the series.

There’s already a lot of excitement surrounding the project. Perhaps this will be enough to keep fans of The Office on Netflix…even if their beloved sitcom gets “stolen” back by its original network.