Will the Search for a Fifth Wife Be Featured on the Upcoming Season of ‘Sister Wives’?

TLC has not officially announced the upcoming season if Sister Wives, but camera crews have been seen around Chicago following the alternative family. While most fans believe that the reality TV show’s newest season will center around Mariah Brown’s impending nuptials, it looks like there could be another storyline that will keep fans interested. It’s possible that Kody Brown is planning to throw a fifth wife into the mix. Adding a new wife would certainly be chaotic, but it is sure to buoy ratings for the family’s sinking reality show. So, what are the clues that Kody is seeking another special lady?

Someone edited the family’s Wikipedia page to include a fifth wife

Back in April, the Brown family was the subject of media reports after someone edited the family’s Wikipedia page. The page contains pertinent information about the Brown family and the goings-on of their reality show. The edit added a fifth wife who was rumored to be in her 20s. The page went on to allege that Kody married the 20-something bride in February 2019.

The information was quickly deleted. It’s important to note that anyone can add information to a Wikipedia page, so it’s likely the addition was merely a hoax, but that doesn’t mean that Kody isn’t on the prowl for a fifth wife. In fact, the family discussed the possibility on Sister Wives when Meri appeared to take an interest in a woman the couple met while out on a date.

Kody’s been spotted around town looking available

It seems clear that the fifth wife mentioned in the Wikipedia article never existed, that doesn’t mean Kody isn’t actively looking for another woman to add to his family. According to the International Business Times, the 50-year-old family patriarch seems to be spending more time in the gym and focusing more on his outward appearance. He’s also been spotted tooling around Flagstaff sans a wedding ring.

He also appears to be spending less time with wives number 1 through 3 and is hunkering down with his now-legal wife, Robyn. It’s possible that the father of 18 is looking to connect romantically with another woman and perhaps add more children to the family. Meri’s only child with Kody recently moved out to Chicago.

Jenelle and Kody share six children, but many of them have married and moved on. Christine and Kody also share six children but are unlikely to be adding more to the family. Finally, a family insider claims Robyn Brown has no interest in having any more children. She currently shares 5 with Kody.

A family insider alleges Kody is currently on the market

A family insider allegedly spoke with In Touch and claimed Kody is looking for another romantic connection. Reportedly, the family patriarch sees several of his current wives as just good friends and is desperate for a romantic connection with another woman.

It’s always been evident that Janelle Brown and Kody share more of a friendship than a romantic relationship. The low-maintenance and independent Janelle seems perfectly happy with the arrangement, too. In fact, she noted that the first 20 years of her marriage weren’t particularly easy. It seems things have been pretty okay recently, though, and that’s probably because Kody isn’t spending much time with her.

Marital troubles between Kody and Meri have taken center stage for several years. The mother of one was embroiled in a catfishing scandal, and it’s obvious the pair have never recovered from the affair. They allege they are working on their relationship, but fans surmise they mostly live separate lives. Finally, Kody admitted to not being particularly attracted to Christine, his third wife. While she seems to be the most desperate for his attention, it doesn’t seem like he’s particularly interested in her.

Five wives is not common in the Browns’ religion

Polygamist families are not beholden to any particular rules about how many wives they can bring into a family, but there are still some basic guidelines most families follow. In the family’s memoir Becoming Sister Wives, Robyn Brown discussed her original reluctance regarding joining the family. While she liked Kody and Meri very much when she first met them, she hesitated in getting involved because of the size of the family.

Robyn went on to explain that having two to three wives is pretty average in their religious sect, but four wives is uncommon. Anything more than four wives is incredibly rare unless of course, one or more of the wives walk off. While divorce is not common in the sect, there are several instances of wives leaving their husbands, or husbands abandoning one wife.