Will Netflix’s Hulk Hogan Biopic Feature the Sex Tape and Gawker Lawsuit?

The news is out: Chris Hemsworth is set to play Hulk Hogan in a Netflix biopic. The question is: will the movie feature the sex tape and subsequent lawsuit that has come to define the last few years in the pro-wrestler’s life?

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan | Getty Images

Back in 2016, Hulk Hogan sued Gawker Media for releasing a sex tape of he and Heather Clem. The sex tape defiled Hogan’s reputation and greatly marred his personal life because Heather – wife of Todd Alan Clem – was married to Hogan’s personal friend.

Hogan’s sex scandal resulted in significant financial drawbacks and occupational distress, according to The Hollywood Reporter (THR); thus, he went on to sue Gawker Media for the damages. A year-long lawsuit followed, and Hogan came out triumphant. The trial led to the end of Gawker Media and a $10 million payout in Hogan’s favor.

As a biopic, the film should be responsible for delivering an all-encompassing and sincere portrayal, which would include the sex scandal and ensuing lawsuit; however, it has been reported that these years in Hogan’s life will not be explored, according to The Source.  

The Netflix original will, instead, focus on Hogan’s early years, his rise to fame, and his influence in the pro-wrestling sphere.

Will Hulk Hogan be in the Netflix movie?

While Chris Hemsworth is set to star as Hulk Hogan, Terry Gene Bollea (Hogan’s birth name) will be involved in the production. Bollea will act as a consultant on the movie, as well as an executive producer, according to THR. However, maybe The Hulkster, AKA Hulkomania, AKA Hollywood Hogan – you get the idea – will make a cameo appearance.

Michael Sugar and Bradley Cooper will serve as producers on the film. The former is most known as the visionary behind the Oscar-winning film Spotlight, while the latter, still riding the wave of A Star Is Born, needs no introduction.

Todd Phillips is set to direct the Hogan biopic, according to Maxim. Phillips, most recognized for his work on The Hangover, is set to helm the upcoming Joker film; he will serve as writer and director of the highly-anticipated antihero saga starring Joaquin Pheonix.

What do we know about Hulk Hogan?

Sex scandal and lawsuit aside, Hogan is widely recognized as one of the most famous wrestlers of all time. A living legend, and known by eight different nicknames, he was one of the most prominent faces on TV throughout the ‘80s.

Beginning his career in the late 1970s in the Florida wrestling circuit, Hogan entered the World Wrestling Foundation (WWF) as Andre the Giant’s worthy competitor, according to THR. The script was pretty straightforward: Hogan was the all-American hero, and Andre was the nefarious foe.

Once Vince McMahan took over the WWF and proceeded to grow it into a national organization, Hogan had already developed a reputation as a wrestling hero. Thus, he became the main face behind the WWF, according to THR. He was a figurehead, so to speak: a physical representation of what the WWF wished to embody.

Hogan’s career skyrocketed with the growth of the WWF. He appeared on nightly talk shows, starred in commercials, and even posed for the cover of a few major magazines back in the ‘80s.

To this day, Hulk Hogan personifies the WWF to an extent others simply cannot contend with. While John Cena and Dwayne Johnson (both of whom got their starts in wrestling) are accomplished professionals, they did not grow with the organization. They came to an already successful venture. Whereas, Hulk Hogan defined its climb.