Will ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Leave Netflix?

Many fans are likely wondering: will The Vampire Diaries leave Netflix? It’s a definite possibility. Shows come and go all the time, and fans don’t always know the reasons why. Yet in this case there’s a very specific reason why the show might be leaving the streaming service.

Wondering why? Well, it’s a sign that the streaming wars have officially begun. Streaming services Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime will soon have more competition in the form of services like Disney + and HBO Max.

Why would ‘The Vampire Diaries’ leave Netflix?

The Vampire Diaries cast (Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder)
Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder promoting The Vampire Diaries in 2010 | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

It’s time to solve the mystery of how Netflix could possibly lose The Vampire Diaries. WarnerMedia, one of the parent companies of the CW, is creating its own streaming service HBO Max. Most likely it will want to stream at least some of, if not all of, the content it can from the CW. So will the beloved series be leaving Netflix?

We aren’t sure. It certainly would make sense for WarnerMedia to want a popular show like The Vampire Diaries on its streaming service. However, according to The Verge, it is only newer CW shows, ones that haven’t started yet, that fans would have to worry about, possibly.

Will it leave Netflix?

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According to PopBuzz, the series left Netflix in Australia and New Zealand in March. Though it has not yet left US Netflix or Netflix in other countries, it is somewhat concerning that it has left in at least two countries. PopBuzz even suggests that fans everywhere should binge the show while we can.

As is mentioned before, it would make sense for WarnerMedia to want a popular show like The Vampire Diaries for HBO Max. It would definitely inspire at least a few people to subscribe to the new streaming service. Yet will Netflix give up the Salvatores and Elena without a fight?

What can Netflix do?

It’s possible that there’s nothing Netflix can do in this situation. After all, the streaming service did not produce The Vampire Diaries. Yet it would be a shame for Netflix to lose such a fan-favorite show, and it might cause them to lose some subscribers.

So what can Netflix do? It’s possible that they could pay a large amount of money to keep streaming the show, yet that would really depend on how many people watch it. And even then, WarnerMedia might not budge if they really want the show on their streaming service.

So is Netflix going to lose The Vampire Diaries for good? It’s a definite possibility. However, we’re not sure. The good news is that the show will definitely be available to stream somewhere.

If it’s not on Netflix, it will be on HBO Max and that is great news for fans who want to stream their favorite show. On the other hand, those of you who only subscribe to Netflix will be missing The Vampire Diaries if the show does move. Luckily, for now at least, the show is still on Netflix.