Will ‘The Witcher’ Live Up To The Hype? Netflix Seems To Think It Will

The Witcher, Netflix’s fantasy series following the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, has not premiered yet. Yet there is already lots of hype surrounding the series. It has already been compared to Game of Thrones, which is a high compliment.

Though The Witcher should be able to stand on its own, it already seems to be doing so. Perhaps more than even fans of the world expected. It may have gotten a boost from some unhappy Game of Thrones fans looking for their next fantasy show, yet it also seems to be differentiating itself from the HBO show. Netflix may have a big hit on their hands.

And the streaming service seems to think so as well. Though the first season hasn’t premiered yet, the show has already been renewed for a second season. Is this a risk for Netflix? Or might The Witcher work out for them?

Explore the possibilities, ahead.

Renewing ‘The Witcher’ might be risky

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This is a somewhat surprising move from Netflix. Especially since the streaming service now has quite the reputation for canceling original shows. Yet they seem to be putting everything behind The Witcher. Is it risky?

Well, it could be. Though there is a lot of hype for the show, that hype might not last from now until when the show premieres. Even if the hype does last as long as it needs to, the show itself might not live up to it. There’s also the possibility that between now and then, people will forget about the show.

It seems unlikely that anyone could forget with all the hype, but it’s still definitely a possibility. Yet there is another possibility as well. The Witcher might do exactly as well as Netflix thinks it will.

Renewing ‘The Witcher’ could work out well for Netflix

Anya Chalotra, Henry Cavill, and Freya Allan of The Witcher
Anya Chalotra, Henry Cavill, and Freya Allan at The Witcher panel during Comic-Con 2019 | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

While renewing the show before its first season has even premiered might be risky for Netflix, it also might just be the kind of risk that will pay off. After all, there is a lot of hype surrounding the show. And so far that excitement seems to be lasting.

Though there’s no way to know for sure if the hype will last as long as it needs to, it definitely seems possible that it will. Many people are looking forward to The Witcher and want to see the show succeed. The fact that it is already renewed for another season also might put fans’ minds at ease. After all, if the show is not likely to be canceled, at least for now, there’s no harm in watching it and becoming attached to the characters and the world.

Some Netflix subscribers might be wary of getting involved in a new show after all the recent cancellations. So the fact that it is not likely to be canceled might make more people likely to watch it. The Witcher, therefore, might be a safe bet for Netflix.

What are fan reactions so far to the news of season 2?

Though it isn’t possible to please everyone, most fans seem excited about the news. Fans are eagerly awaiting The Witcher‘s release date. One fan on Twitter is “ready” and “can’t wait” for the show.

Another fan is “beyond excited to see The Witcher.” The show is highly anticipated and fans seem to be really intrigued by the idea of the show. Yet another fan congratulates the showrunner Lauren Hissrich and says that they think it is “so great to have [her], Geralt, Yen, Ciri and the others with us for more episodes.”

Hopefully, The Witcher will live up to the hype and to Netflix’s expectations. Only time will tell, yet we believe the show does have a good chance.