Will There Be A Fourth Season of ‘Stranger Things’?

It’s been a very long two years since Season 2 of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, aired.

Now that Season 3 is finally here, fans have been pretty preoccupied binge-watching the new season.

'Stranger Things' crew and cast.
‘Stranger Things’ cast and crew. | Getty Images/Greg Doherty/Patrick McMullan

With a good majority of us having already finished the third season in record time, the underlying question many of us have now, is if Season 4 will be happening?

Season 4 could possibly be the end of the series

If you’re like us, you completely isolated yourself on the 4th of July to watch the highly-anticipated new season of Stranger Things.

The last time we got a chance to sit back and watch new episodes was back in October 2017, so new episodes were long overdo for fans.

Now that Season 3 is on Netflix, we just don’t want the episodes to end.

‘Stanger Things’ Season 3 | Millie Bobby Brown Instagram

With yet another battle taking place between the real world and the monsters of the Upside Down, this can’t be the end for one of the top series Netflix has to offer.

And it is not.

Though production for Season 4 has yet to begin, the show’s producers have confirmed that Stranger Things will definitely be continuing.

“I will say we have a good sense of stuff that happens in Season 4,” he said. “Season 4 is definitely happening,” executive producer Shawn Levy told Collider back in April.

Though many of us are thrilled we will be getting another season of Stranger Things, it’s looking like Season 4 will be the end of the series.

In 2017, the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, told Vulture, “We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out.”

Stranger Things creators Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer |Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Although the Duffer Brothers don’t see the show continuing on after the fourth season, Shawn Levy sees the show having a different outcome.

Levy shared with Collider, “There’s very much the possibility of a season beyond that one, that’s currently undecided,” he told Collider. “And what I would just say is part of the chaos and fun of this particular show is that while the Duffers and the writer’s room and we producers outline the entire season, the Duffers really use the writing process to revisit, reassess and question all of their prior assumptions.”

The Season 4 premiere is still being decided

Though Season 4 of Stranger Things has been confirmed, the official release date of the new season is still under wraps.

Since new seasons tend to be released around the same time, outlets have a pretty good idea of when the new season will premiere.

With the series first premiering in the summer of 2016 then coming back in the fall of 2017 and then again in the summer of 2019, it’s a good guess that we will see season 4 in the fall of 2020. 

We can hope the show’s producers will give us the new season sooner than that and not have us wait another two years again.

Seeing as though many of us want to know if Chief Jim Hopper is, in fact, dead, if the kids actually stay friends, and if the Demogorgon will make its return, we don’t think waiting another few years will work this time around.

Hopefully, Season 4 of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix a lot soon than fall 2020, but if not, we’ll just have to wait patiently to see what is bound to happen next in Hawkins, Indiana.