Will There Be a ‘Frasier’ Reboot?

It’s not often when you can say there was once a sitcom on TV with frothy wit. Frasier managed to bring Broadway-league stage dialogue to TV with smart scripts and hilarious dynamics between the characters. It was also the perfect counterpart to its progenitor, Cheers, in celebrating the subtle battle among intellectual snobs and the blue-collar class.

Frasier Crane became even more embattled living in Seattle than Boston, where disruptions to his intellect were everywhere. This same type of theme was explored in The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper had to tolerate a world around him that couldn’t relate to his high I.Q.

When Frasier ended in 2004 after 11 seasons, we thought it was the end of a genre. Now we’re hearing about a revival, but would it still fit into the world we live in today?

According to other cast members, discussions about a revival aren’t far-reaching

Frasier | Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

US Magazine recently interviewed Jane Leeves about the idea of a Frasier reboot, and she said no one’s asked her to participate if there is one on the drawing board. During her interview, she expressed her doubts such a thing could work when the original show was such an unforgettable gem.

She does have a point when you recall how many Emmys the show won for its writing. Being a true ensemble show, what would a reboot look like without the entire cast back together?

At the end of the series, Frasier takes off to Chicago to follow his new girlfriend who was played by Laura Linney. Niles Crane and Daphne (Jane Leeves) were married with one son, David.

John Mahoney (who played Frasier and Niles’ dad, Marty Crane) has since passed away. The repartee with him alone made the series hilarious, not including Eddie the dog tearing up Frasier’s apartment.

Kelsey Grammer says the show would have to start an all-new story

According to Grammer, he’s been consulting with writing teams on how to approach a reboot. He’s said that if they do it, it’ll have to start with a different scenario as in Frasier living in a different city, having a different job, including possibly interacting with his grown son, Frederick.

We couldn’t expect the same cast to be together, which means Jane Leeves might not even be involved. If she is, it might be only guest appearances if she shows up with Niles (David Hyde Pierce). Unless he and Daphne are divorced, which would be a sad situation considering the lengths Niles went to in wooing her during the original series.

With Grammer caught last April in London holding a script with a Frasier title, it appears he’s reading test scripts now to see if a reboot has any feasibility.

Could he hold the show on his own with a new cast if it’s truly going to be him and none of the other series regulars? Also, sophisticated TV fare like Frasier might not go over as well with a new generation of viewers, unless it pokes fun at that very point.

The world Frasier Crane finds now might be worse than the one from the 1990s

Living in today’s world and being a pompous know-it-all can truly make you an outcast in society. While there’s always circles where Frasier could still fit in, he always chose to surround himself with those who were the polar opposite.

His psychiatric radio show co-workers were the antithesis to his intellect, not including his father. Should a reboot have him living with his grown son (reminders of the Murphy Brown reboot), perhaps Frasier’s own offspring is exactly like his late, down-to-earth father.

A scenario like that could truly be worth doing and remind us how much history repeats itself. Maybe we’ll see Frasier Crane be forced to adapt to a world not quite so buttoned-down anymore, something the super-intellect Sheldon Cooper could never bring himself to do.