Will There Be a New Star Wars Movie In 2020?

In 1977, George Lucas gave a new life to the science-fiction culture. When Star Wars: A New Hope, first hit the big screen, people were in awe of the way the movie was able to use high-tech special effects and also an engaging plot to keep the audience entertained for the entire two hours. Since then, the Star Wars series has become a cultural phenomenon, that has garnered fans from all over the world. 

In 2012, George Lucas sold Lucas Films to Disney and it was now up to J.J Abrams to carry on the creative torch for the Star Wars franchise. When the iconic series was under Lucas’ creative control, the series would release a few movies for a few years, then eager fans would have to wait decades before another movie would come out.

Now that George Lucas has retired from the film industry, will fans still have to wait decades before we have to see another movie that is in the infamous saga? Here is what we know about the future of the Star Wars series.

‘Star Wars’ has kept a consistent schedule lately

In 2008, the Star Wars franchise created a new animated television series called Star Wars: Clone Wars. The show was an instant hit and helped to introduce a whole new fanbase to the franchise. Then, in 2015, fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that Episode VII of the Star Wars series would be coming out. Since then,

Disney has come out with a new Star Wars movie every single year. With Star Wars: Episode IX set to hit theaters later this year, many people are wondering if – and for how long –Disney will continue to make movies for this series.

Will there be a new ‘Star Wars’ movie in 2020?

When Solo: A Star War Story came out in theatres last year, it did not do nearly as well as everyone had thought. This caused Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, to think that maybe they were starting to move too fast with the production of the movies.

Fatherly reported that Iger thought that the movies were being made at an accelerated speed and it was causing fans to lose interest. ” I take the blame,” Bob Iger said in a statement about the fast production of the movies. “[It] was a little too much, too fast. You can expect some slowdown, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to make films.”

Episode IX will be the last story in the Skywalker family saga. However, there will probably be more standalone movies that will be released in the future, just don’t expect them any time soon.

‘Star Wars’ will continue on

Even though there may not be another movie coming out next year, that does not mean that there will not be plenty of other ways for fans to enjoy the series. Disney is set to release a new television series called The Mandalorianwhich is about a gunfighter that lives “out of the watchful eye of the New Republic.”

The fan-favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars will also continue to air next season. If fans want a more hands-on experience with the franchise, they can also visit the new Star Wars-themed lands at Disney theme parks later this year.

Disney may be slowing down production on the Star Wars films for the next few years. However, that does not mean that the series will be going anywhere anytime soon. With all of the toys, video games, and videos that the franchise has available, it looks like Star Wars will be enjoyed for generations to come.