Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’?

The Waldrop family charmed TV viewers when their show Sweet Home Sextuplets premiered on TLC last September. The show chronicles the life of Courtney and Eric Waldrop, an Alabama couple with nine children — including a set of sextuplets. Now, fans will get the chance to see more of the Waldrop kids and their parents, since their reality series has been renewed for a second season.

Season 2 of Sweet Home Sextuplets premieres May 28

Sweet Home Sextuplets
The Waldrop familiy | gods_divine_nine via Instagram

Season 2 of Sweet Home Sextuplets premieres Tuesday, May 28, at 10/9c on TLC. The second season of the show will follow the Waldrops as they continue to adjust to life as a family of 11.

The sextuplets — Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Rivers, and Tag — are growing up and growing into their distinct personalities. They’re also learning to walk and talk, which means that they get to play more with their older brothers Saylor, Wales, and Bridge. But as the babies get older, will mom Courtney and dad Eric be able to keep up?

The family also faces some challenges and big decisions during Season 2. Full-time mom Courtney has to deal with an outbreak of the flu and is also worried about whether Layke will need surgery for his heart condition. Plus, she wants to move into a larger house that will better accommodate the big family, but Eric would rather remodel their existing home. The Waldrops will also make some happy memories as they celebrate their first Christmas as a family of 11 and go on their first vacation with the septuplets.

“Life has changed a little bit since Season 1,” Courtney and Eric told People in December 2018, after their show was renewed by TLC. “Our days are nonstop and a lot of fun! With three big boys and six soon-to-be toddlers, there is never a dull moment in our house.”

“Each baby is growing by leaps and bounds and developing six unique personalities,” the couple added. “It’s becoming real that we have nine kids all going in different directions!”

Why did the Waldrops agree to be on TV?

Nine kids are crazy enough, but adding TV cameras to the mix has to add a whole other layer to the chaos. But the Waldrops believe that sharing their lives with the world has a purpose — and it’s not just about becoming famous.

“We didn’t go into this wanting to be — I don’t even like the word — celebrities,” Eric said on Today last year. “We want to show the world what God has done for us, and how much we’ve been blessed by this situation. We want to show America how good God has been to us.”

The couple reiterated that sentiment in a recent Instagram post, writing: “Our days are crazy, our days are tiring…but our days are BLESSED!! We thank God everyday that we trusted Him even when didn’t want to…we gave it all to Him when we thought we could ‘fix’ it ourselves. Thank you God you never turned your back on us and we listened to Your plan for our lives!!!”

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