Will There Be a Season 4 of ‘Twin Peaks’?

Is it happening again? It has been about two years since Twin Peaks: The Return aired on Showtime for the first time, returning audiences to the wonderful and strange northwestern town after 25 years of painful anticipation. The original first two seasons of Twin Peaks, like many works of David Lynch, almost seems to raise more questions than it answers. When the third season, Twin Peaks: The Return aired, the ending only thickened the plot and confused fans. So, there has to be a Twin Peaks Season 4 to clear up the confusion, right?

On Sept. 27, Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch announced the release of a series box set, which would include the show’s original two-hour pilot and part eight. This news excited many fans, who were eagerly looking forward to a new development regarding the quirky murder mystery. Interestingly enough, a tweet announcing something “very interesting” happening in the future for Twin Peaks. This tweet drove fans crazy as they discussed multiple theories and ideas of what the exciting news could be.

So, will there be a Twin Peaks Season 4 in the future, or will fans never learn the true fate of agent Dale Cooper and Carrie Page?

Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Ontkean
Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Ontkean | Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

How did ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ end?

It’s been 25 years since F.B.I. agent Dale Cooper found himself trapped in the bizarre, mysterious world of The Black Lodge, where he is accompanied by doppelgangers of familiar faces, like Laura Palmer herself. After “crossing over” with his assistant, Diane, Cooper found himself in a new world, unlike anything he ever knew with a new name: Richard.

Cooper, or Richard, discovers a woman who bears a striking resemblance to the late high school student, Laura Palmer, but goes by Carrie Page. Cooper attempts to return Page to her mother’s home in Twin Peaks but is horrified to discover that Palmer’s mother doesn’t live there. In fact, she never lived there. Bewildered, Cooper mutters to himself, “What year is this?” before Carrie, having heard her mother’s voice, lets out a bloodcurdling scream. The house’s lights quickly turn off and we fade to black.

In Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost’s book Twin Peaks: The Finale Dossier, Frost confirms that Cooper’s plan to save Laura Palmer from her grisly fate backfired thanks to the work of the evil entity, Judy. Now, both Diane and Cooper are trapped in separate dimensions with no hope of returning to the real Twin Peaks, or could there be a chance to get rid of Judy once and for all?

The tweet that started it all

Fans of David Lynch are perfectly accustomed to the director subverting the expectations of the audience, so many fans accepted the third season of Twin Peaks as the conclusion to the story, albeit begrudgingly. However, recent news may have revealed otherwise.

On Sept. 27, David Lynch wrote on Twitter, “Dear Twitter Friends, PILOT AND PART 8 IN 4K! – INCLUDED IN THE UPCOMING TWIN PEAKS BOX SET!” Naturally, fans were extremely excited to hear the news, eagerly waiting to re-watch the murder mystery drama in 4K. Along with this news, however, came a mysterious tweet from The Hollywood Horror Museum, an up and coming museum and foundation created to celebrate all things horror and macabre. Their tweet said, “Someone we know who is “in the know” just let something Very Interesting [sic] slip about the future of TWIN PEAKS. If it’s true, we’ll be squealing and giddy in 2020!”

This post caught the eye of many Twin Peaks fans, but their excitement peaked when actor Michael Horse, who plays Deputy Hawk, posted a picture on Instagram of himself in character being told to stay quiet. Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Agent Dale Cooper, also posted a tweet recalling his love for donuts, something his Twin Peaks character is famously fond of. If these small hints aren’t enough, David Lynch himself tweeted about how much he loved shooting in King County, Washington, where Twin Peaks was filmed.

So, will there be a new season of Twin Peaks? Will there be a feature-length movie like Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me?

David Lynch
David Lynch | Photo by Michael Tran/WireImage

Has David Lynch ever considered making a fourth season?

So, could it happen again? David Lynch hasn’t entirely ruled out the possibility of Twin Peaks Season 4, but he has insisted that fans remain patient. “It took me four and a half years to write and film this season,” Lynch admitted in a 2017 Skype interview with the Belgrade Culture Centre.

In 2018, his answer seemed more concrete. “This is the ending. This is the ending. It’s right there. You all just saw the ending,” Lynch mentioned at an Emmy FYC screening of the season’s finale. In a typical Lynch fashion, the ending of Twin Peaks leaves more questions than answers. So, for now, Twin Peaks ended on a grim, tragic note with two of our favorite characters confused and trapped in another dimension… at least until the day David Lynch decides to return his audience to the town of Twin Peaks once again. With the rumors circulating on social media and the hints shared by cast members, our return to Twin Peaks could be sooner than we thought.