Will There Be a Time Jump After ‘Riverdale’ Season 4?

The evolution of the Archie Comics franchise has truly been astonishing with 80 years of evolution being a marketable media property. These characters have also stood the test of time by somehow being perfectly revised to fit a specific era without ever looking forced.

Even if the old 1960s/’70s cartoon series gets ribbed for the fashions of the time, CW Network’s Riverdale fit in perfectly with its debut year of 2017.

Outside of mixed reviews as latter series went along, it’s held a huge fan base. Now entering its fourth season, the show might be straining credulity on maintaining the idea these kids will seemingly stay in high school forever.

Yes, that old problem of portraying high school kids has always been a problem in other shows and movies. What will Riverdale do about this if it goes beyond the current season? Some fans think a further time jump is inevitable.

Bringing real-world grit to the Riverdale world

The Riverdale cast onstage
The cast of ‘Riverdale’ | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Anyone who’s grown up with the Archie Comics over the decades knows Riverdale and the characters within it were kept fairly lighthearted without delving into dark places.

While things weren’t always perfect in Riverdale (possibly in New York), the most precarious situations were high school relationship complications.

If you remember reading the comic books, they were always well written and drawn, not including being continuously funny. Having a show like Riverdale revamp all of that into a near dark crime tale was a little surprising at first, yet highly effective at bringing more complexity to these familiar characters.

With Season 4 already underway, we also see the depths of emotion pour out of Riverdale’s populace as Archie faces the death of his father (to reflect the passing of Luke Perry).

The season premiere episode was a true emotional overload, not including having other morose developments occurring.

One of the most significant is a brief time-jump in the second episode this year. First, we saw Jughead being urged by Betty to attend Stonewall Prep boarding school, which he does. However, a jump into an unknown future shows Jughead has gone missing during a spring break.

Will the kids be older this season, or in Season 5?

While we don’t know what events are going to unfold throughout the rest of this fourth season, the use of a time jump does give us an indication that we might be jumping forward in time eventually permanently.

Fans are already buzzing about this on Reddit and speculating just how far the jump is. We can’t imagine it will go too far ahead since the show wants to keep tapping the main teen viewer demographic.

Nevertheless, let’s note most of the main cast are all well into their early 20s and becoming far removed from high school age. They may reach a point where it starts to become overly noticeable the characters aren’t really high school age anymore, making a time jump a good way to transition them into young adults.

From the perspective of the fans, any time leap will probably be in months rather than years to determine what might have happened to Jughead. Little did we think the past comedic persona of Jughead would eventually turn into a dramatic missing person case.

Some fans are worried ‘Riverdale’ won’t last after this season

Maybe there’s some handwriting on the wall the production crew thinks the show won’t go on beyond Season 4.

A few fans on Reddit think the show has an arc in mind to go six seasons, but you never know when ratings might suddenly plunge. Ratings so far this season are staying modestly steady.

In the Reddit discussions, some think there could be a significant jump to the cast’s post-college years, with all returning due to someone close to them being murdered. They don’t necessarily insinuate Jughead will be, however.

With the dark directions this show goes, it wouldn’t necessarily be a left-field choice to kill off a main character or two. That’s a far cry from the 1970s incarnation of the Archie gang happily grooving away with their own band The Archies.