Will There Be a ‘Two and a Half Men’ Reboot With Charlie Sheen?

We hate to bring bad news, but another TV reboot is being proposed, or at least maybe. This time, it might be more of a revival than a reboot since the two terms are often confused. Making things more confounding is the revival/reboot in mind is the once popular sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Who is it bringing up this idea? It’s not the original producer of the show, Chuck Lorre, or 99% of the original cast. Charlie Sheen is the one wanting to revive the show more than eight years after he left in a huff after having beef with Lorre.

Would such a show work, or just a Sheen pipe dream now that his career has slowed down?

Reanalyzing the popularity of ‘Two and a Half Men’

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen | Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Film Independent

When Two and a Half Men premiered in 2003, it was long before the #MeToo movement was a glint in anyone’s eye. A sitcom idea of guys living together seemed a saleable idea by CBS programming executives in those days. The show managed to create a special chemistry anyway between Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, not including the young actors in the cast playing their kids.

Playing brothers, Sheen and Cryer found a winning dynamic while still managing to include some women as regulars. Not that it didn’t play up familiar sitcom tropes.

Many fans of the show cited Sheen as the one who held the comedy chemistry together. As such, he hit pay dirt as the show became a massive hit and part of CBS’s Monday night lineup for eight years before moving to a new night.

Then all the chaos began when Sheen found himself having renewed personal troubles, including relapsed drug abuse. His badmouthing of producer Chuck Lorre didn’t help matters either and led to Sheen’s firing. In retrospect, it’s still a haunting memory of an epic meltdown and ultimate career self-sabotage.

Now that Sheen seems clean, he likely realizes how crazy his behavior was

You probably remember after Sheen’s firing, he threatened litigation against Lorre. After months of brouhaha, Sheen managed to land a settlement deal with Lorre and Warner Brothers.

In the eight years since, Sheen has been on a wild journey, including a new TV show. Then it all came to a head recently with him finding out he’s HIV positive after years of excessive living.

Now we’re seeing him be more reflective and seemingly realizing his behavior earlier this decade was more than a little insane.

As for Two and a Half Men, Sheen was never happy with where the show went afterward. You can find more than a few fans who thought adding Ashton Kutcher helped save the show. Others might say it jumped the shark and never did recover.

Nobody can argue it didn’t work for a while since the show ran four more years, finally ending in 2015.

Sheen thinks the show didn’t have a proper ending

During a recent interview, Sheen brought up his wish to revive Two and a Half Men, mostly because he thought it never had a proper finale. Keep in mind he thinks it should only go for a couple of years and tie up character loose ends.

Apparently he’s forgotten his character (Charlie Harper) was killed off-camera…twice. It was said, initially, he was struck by a train and killed. During the finale, they changed it to being killed by a falling piano after being held captive for four years and becoming psychotic.

Sheen clearly thought the show took his denouement into the realm of the absurd. If the show is revived, they’d have to find a way to untangle the messy way he died, as in perhaps being just rumors rather than truth.

Other shows (like the revival of Roseanne) overlooked previous cast deaths. A revived Two and a Half Men probably wouldn’t last the allotted two years if Charlie Harper showing up again makes no literal sense to its once devoted fans.