Will There Ever Be a ‘FRIENDS’ Reboot?

All the reboot fever going on with tv shows has media pundits creating lofty dreams of other classic shows potentially reviving. Some are feasible and some are wishful thinking. One obstacle in jumpstarting TV shows is getting the cast, which has often moved on, to be interested in reprising their former roles.

Certainly, the stars of Will & Grace intended to move on to bigger things before realizing a reboot of the show would be just as lucrative. With rumors of the same happening with Friends, we still really wonder what’s possible in the realm of revivals.

A ‘Friends’ reboot wavers between fantasy and reality

FRIENDS | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

We’re probably going to see other sitcoms (and dramas) of the last 30 years revive in the next couple of years. A few others might join the wish train in wanting to revive until reality intervenes. Nowhere has this been more frustrating than with NBC’s The Office. Friends can also join this group where rumors keep popping up every couple of years, followed by a recant from the cast members.

While the evidence shows an Office reboot is probably impossible (at least for now), a Friends reboot still has legs based on the women from the cast. Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow have reunited recently on various talk shows and privately for dinner. They’ve made it clear they’d love to reboot Friends if the guys would join them.

The problem is the three male cast members have slightly different feelings about rebooting the show, not including the show’s creator, Marta Kauffman. It’s unusual to have an exact split like this from an iconic cast, but it’s creating a reboot tug-of-war.

What does the cast of ‘Friends’ think of a reboot?

We’ve expressed our wishes to continue Friends and answer a lot of the questions we’ve long had about what happened to the characters. On the male cast side, they seem fearful about viewers seeing them as middle-age guys.

Kauffman has other concerns: she thinks there wouldn’t be any story to tell either, which is always arguable. It makes us wonder if a one-shot movie would at least tie up loose ends.

Is a ‘Friends’ reboot impossible?

Look around on the net and you’ll see comments from Cox saying a Friends reunion simply can’t happen and fans should just get over it. Clearly, they’ve wavered on their reunions hopes off and on for the last several years.

They have been open to the idea of a one-time reunion movie to assuage all the fan hysteria. Fans even made a fake trailer for a Friends reunion movie a couple of years ago. Aniston had to address it once when doing an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

All three of the women were stunned by the trailer and figured they had to do something. As of now, though, it’s best to realize a reunion isn’t a good idea based on the notion we want to remember the characters as they were. Many legendary people are starting to look at things this way to avoid reunion disappointments.

Waiting a little longer may also help since time is one of the biggest influencers in making stars more nostalgic toward going back to where they came from.