Will This Beloved Marvel Character Die Next?

It seems we almost need a death meter to keep track of and predict which of the Marvel characters have died or will. Because death has become relative in the MCU, one would hope any predictions of future Marvel deaths will only be temporary. We might even be looking at most to all of the previous deaths being somewhere in the middle, which is potentially dangerous in terms of cheating on finality.

Marvel | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

We’re safe to assume only the most popular Marvel character who’ve died will have any chance for revival. Not that death won’t possibly cross over to the more carefree part of the MCU: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Some rumors are sprouting about a major death in GotG Vol. 3. There’s even speculation it could be Rocket Raccoon, a bit of a first if true.

Marvel fans think Rocket could die next

While we normally associate cats having nine lives, it’s possible space raccoons have the same thing. Rocket managed to somehow avoid the original snap and turning to dust in Infinity War. As many media outlets also note, he’s even turned into a more respected character after being a hardcore rogue in the early days.

Yes, it’s almost like the trajectory of a real raccoon had they hired one. This CGI version has a stronger intelligence, though, but also seems to understand creatures like him don’t live as long as humans (or aliens). Despite being a genetically enhanced creature, Rocket isn’t invincible to death by any means.

Whether he’ll be the next to go is still up for debate. Fans think having him die would bring a lot more emotion than you might think. You can’t help but build some sympathy for Rocket considering he was made genetically against his will. As an intelligent creature, his genetic makeup made him possess an erratic personality, making any quirks he has forgivable.

We’re also kind of used to a former renegade dying in space operas. Since Rocket is a bit like Han Solo in a raccoon body, Guardians might borrow a little from The Force Awakens and have Rocket die in a similar heroic way as Han did.

The first non-human/non-alien creature to die in the MCU

Maybe you can still call Rocket an alien of sorts, outside of still being a raccoon who so happens to be named after a famous Beatles song. How the franchise overlooks this is still a mystery. We know that he was originally called 89P13 as proof he was an unnamed genetic experiment. He named himself Rocket while overlooking there was an earthly British band who used the same name.

Let’s assume he learned about this connection when he came to earth for Tony Stark’s funeral at the end of Endgame. However, it’s worth noting when Peter Quill once told Rocket he was a raccoon, the latter didn’t know what a raccoon was.

Lack of self-awareness was a smart trait to place into Rocket, making him stand alone as a character. Not that some people might not consider the death of Rocket like seeing a real animal die.

In the realm of Marvel deaths, this would differ from other demises and maybe the most emotional of all.

It’ll be more emotional because it’s the last Guardians movie

Those Guardians of the Galaxy have truly been through a lot together. Seeing them in a third movie will be sort of a continuation of Endgame where we saw Quill take off to find the past version of Gamora and maybe rekindle their love affair. Ahead, though, Vol. 3 will possibly be the final journey.

Rocket is still around thus far and good friends with Groot. Plus, thanks to Bradley Cooper doing the voice of Rocket, you almost forget the latter is a motion-capture character.

Should he die, it’s going to bring the same feeling of losing a favorite pet since Rocket has become such a hero of late. On the other hand, with his superior intellect and ability to escape the most precarious situations, it seems hard to believe he’ll find himself at death’s door.

The rumor likely only started because we’ll see a very different death scene from what we’ve already witnessed with the very human superheroes.